It’s the September holidays! It only seemed like yesterday when we had the best youth camp in Heart of God Church ever! Here’s a throwback to Ignite Camp 2015 during the June holidays.

Day 1:

What’s a camp without some games to sweat it out?

How about getting to be Katniss Everdeen in our very own Hunger Games? We ran around East Coast Park equipped with bow and arrows!


Or how about some real-life Plants versus Zombies?


Day 1 ended with a revival night with Pastor Cecilia Chan. The presence of God was felt very deeply by everyone in the auditorium.


Day 2:

Ready for Day 2? Instead of the usual bread and kaya, there was a twist to this breakfast. We were given mysterious boxes and had to bid for them! An egg? Bacon and cheese? What could be inside?


Capture the Flag. We defended our flags against coloured paint. The cleanest flag wins – if this were a test, we would pass with flying colours.


“It’s not the milestones in life that will go into eternity; it’s the ignited moments.” We had two great sessions with Pastor Tan Seow How on our second revival night.


Jonah and the Whale, Moses parts the Red Sea and many more! Check out our house skits of Bible adaptations during the Campfire.


Day 3:

Many of us woke up early to spend time with God. Some also came together with our connect groups to pray. We may be young, but mature and growing in God!


IGNITE CAMP 2015 was indeed a memorable experience for us. Not only did we have fun hanging out with our friends in church, but the revival nights brought us all closer to God. Ignite Camp 2015 FTW!


Thoughts from our fellow campers:

“On the first revival night, God challenged me to take a huge step of faith to be even more faithful to the things of God, such as doing my Quiet Time. Ever since that revival night service, I have grown deeper and stronger in God, as I draw even closer to Him.” – Wilmer

“I enjoyed the campfire dances and revival night services the most! The whole auditorium moving in sync to the catchy music was so fun! And the moments after revival night services where we shared about our revelations and dwelled further more in the presence of God was just amazing” – Yachuan

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