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For six whole months, every dollar we saved, Pastor How would match it with another dollar. I’m so impacted and touched that Ps How is still doing the same for youths who come from a similar background as me.

Cover - Kim Byong Seob

Meet Kim Byoung Seob. He was born in Korea and migrated to Singapore when he was eight. Byoung Seob had always dreamt of becoming a Korean actor one day, until things took an interesting turn.

HeartKidz Teachers Part 2

As I step into the Loft, the place where our HeartKidz services will soon begin, I am just so amazed. It is a Saturday afternoon, and everywhere in that big room, people clad in bright neon green T-shirts prepare for the day's events. These are our HeartKidz Teachers. All of them are volunteers. In fact, some are even working adults,…


Christmas is coming! Here’s a sneak peek on what went on behind the scenes as the team put all the amazing décor together for our 1st Heart of God Church Christmas @ Imaginarium! Did you know… 1. In order to save $1000, the team built the roof of Santa’s Cottage all by themselves! It took 10 people over 10 hours to…