“I’ve never been so proud of being so bad at Chinese,” said Jessica Chan with a laugh after we asked her how she felt about her #BYElingual TikToks going viral globally.

Winning the hearts of Asian communities worldwide, creating a viral hashtag surpassing 38M views, AND having your videos recreated in over 20 different languages is not something any TikTok creator can say they can do.

More than 200,000 people follow the Singaporean-based creator for her wholesome bilingual-based comedy content where she hilariously depicts the relatable struggles of a Gen Z bilingual today. Here is one of our favorite (and one of her most viral) videos!

Jessica’s content is so brilliantly put together that it always leaves people wondering – is her Chinese really that bad? Or is she just really good at acting? Well, we asked the same thing… as well as 9 other questions. So, let’s get to know the girl behind the handle!

1. Let’s start with the question everyone wants to know: What is your real level of chinese?

Ok the truth is… my Chinese is 3/10 but my confidence is 10/10. My friends who know me in real life will tell you that my Chinese is truly just as horrible offline as it is online….. But hey, at least I’m consistent :D

2. How does it feel to have over 200k people watching your TikToks? 

Insane?? Extremely grateful. But the more people watch you, all the more you should watch yourself. I feel responsible to be a good content creator with character and values.

3. What’s one fact about you that might be surprising to your followers?

I was that person in the group chat who would say “I will never download TikTok” hahaha. That’s why being this “Famous TikToker” now is so mad to me cause I don’t see myself as some superior human being.. I just like to make funny videos, and I like to make people laugh!

4. How much of your online persona is acting and how much is real?

I realize on social media, as long as you look happy, people think you are happy. As long as you sound nice, people think you are nice. But I think eventually people can tell.. because I learned in church that “you cannot be in public who you are not in private” so outside of my skits, the rest is real and this reminds me to always work on my inside over my image.

5. How do you feel about people copying your videos and not crediting you?

Actually some versions of #BYElingual were really funny. But for others…….. All I can say is… don’t copy if you can’t paste HAHA. Just kidding, I really am honored, but I do hope that people keep their creative pride too! I mean, “People are born as an original, why would you want to die a copy?”

6. Care to spill the tea for other creators: What’s your secret to going viral?

I think my secret is that I’m someone who’s just not afraid to try. Best case scenario: you succeed. Worst case scenario: you learn. And I live by this quote that my pastors shared: “Don’t let success get to your head, don’t let failure get to your heart.”

It’s so easy to fall into the numbers trap of social media. That’s why it’s so important to know that you are already whole before you create. Don’t post for validation in the form of numbers. If you always compare yourself to others, you will never be happy.

7. Have you encountered any online hate?

Oh definitely, haters can find anything to hate on, it’s just part of the social media starter pack haha. Tbh I was okay when they hate on me.. but I was hurt when they attacked my family, church, and pastors because I see them all as my 家人 (family) :(

8. What’s your life outside of TikTok like?

My life is all about PEOPLE! Clearly, I’m an extrovert… and supper is my language of love. I also volunteer a lot in my church! The friends here have loved me the same with and without TikTok :,) and they inspire me to be more selfless!

3D Christmas card designed by Jessica and the Design Ministry
Jessica hosting for Heart of God Church online services

9. Who would you say has had the greatest influence on your life?

Well without my dad, there would be no content. He always says I should give him commission because all the comedic genes come from him hahaha. But no joke, my dad really is my role model, he is the definition of servant-hearted and I learned so much about true humility from him.

Besides my dad, I really look up to my pastors, Pastor How and Pastor Lia. I post a lot about them on my Instagram because in a world obsessed with being a somebody, they first loved me as a nobody. They always choose to see my potential, even when all I could see was my past.

Jessica and her dad in church, Jessica with Pastor Lia and Pastor How

10. What are your future goals and dreams?

My heart goes out to the next generation of creators.. I hope they never compromise who they are for what the world wants. For me, I believe you can be both relevant to the trends, yet stay reverent to God.

I hope they will be bigger than me… so that they can impact more than me. Seeing them succeed would honestly be the greatest accomplishment I could ever achieve in my whole career.

A BIG ‘thank you’ to Jessica for speaking to us!

Gifs and photos courtesy of Jessica Chan and Heart of God Church.

Jessica shared her story of how she went from a “坏蛋 (bad egg) to a 乖蛋 (good egg)” at one of our online services. Hear her incredible story for yourself below.

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