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烈火特會 Fire Conference: Igniting hearts for the next Generation2 min read

By: H. Kang Wei

With hands and voices raised in worship, the atmosphere was aflame as Pastor How and Pastor Lia preached at Fire Conference (烈火特會 ) in Taiwan, one of the largest Christian conferences in the Mandarin-speaking world. Over 7000 pastors, leaders and delegates were inspired to build the next Generation.

With a hope to turn the hearts of the current generation to their children, Pastor How kicked off by preaching The Devil’s Bargain. Check out an excerpt of the message here:

The Devil's Bargain | Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How)

Building on the momentum, Pastor Lia preached Generations, teaching that the youth are not there to replace the older generation but to REINFORCE them! Pastor Lia challenged the leaders in Taiwan to believe in the younger generation, to have faith in them and to put in the hard work of building every one of them.

GENERATIONS are not replacements.
Generations are REINFORCEMENTS.
– Pastor Lia

Generations | Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia)

Her message so inspired interpreter Lulu Glenn, a friend to HOGC and one of the highly regarded Mandarin interpreters, that she had to put it to practice straight away. Believing in the next generation, she suggested that Nadine, a younger HOGC interpreter, share the stage during Pastor How’s next session to interpret the testimonies. Nadine stepped up and interpreted to the 7000-full stadium, showing that Lulu’s confidence was not misplaced.

God moved incredibly in Taiwan and thousands responded, making decisions to sow into the next generation and to step up and give God the best years of their lives. Truly, our God is a God of Generations!

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