Hangout? Study? How about both.1 min read

By Timothy T.

Why do the young people of Heart of God Church spend so much time there?  What do they do?

One time or another, these questions may have crossed the minds of parents with youths attending HOGC.

Curious to find out, I checked out the Youth Study Hangout. What greeted me was an unexpected but welcoming sight. I saw a bustling atrium filled with focused students hard at work tackling their assignments and worksheets.


A team of older Junior College graduates moved around from table to table offering help and guidance to the youths. I recognised two of them immediately; they were the recipients of our church’s Academic Excellence All-Rounder award for A-level.


I later discovered there was also a team of teachers who volunteered time after work to plan out a curriculum for Algebra Hacks, a session designed to help lower secondary students overcome their fears of the menacing x’s and y’s.


For any student,  this is total study heaven!

  • A conducive environment with a spacious study area? Check.
  • Cooling air-condition to escape the heat? Check.
  • Snacks? Yum.
  • Speedy wifi? Yaas!

But what motivates these young people to study? Find out here.