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It’s the weekend but there’s no church service…

Yet hundreds of youth were found at church training and being trained!

No Devotional for the Teens? No Problem

The solution: a hard copy 19-day devotional for teens (11-12 years old), which was created completely in-house!

Nov 8 · >

Leveling Up Our Life Skills With Dr Robi Sonderegger

In Heart of God Church, we believe that spiritual and holistic growth can go hand-in-hand! Here’s what we learnt...

Running our first collab conference with our Taiwanese friends

120 HOGC members were part of running the Radical x GenerationS conference in Taiwan, which saw 2000 youths, pastors...

Entrusting $1400 Cameras In 7-Year-Old Hands

3 out of the 8 photos in this article were taken by 7 and 8-year-old photographers. Can you guess...

Nov 7 · >

Heart of God Church x Singapore Police Force Collab

We now have a team of TOPSIS-trained staff and volunteers. 💪🏻

A Field Guide to Board Game Cafes in Singapore

Because no venue holds a monopoly on board games

A Night of Worship With Martin Smith

Martin Smith, frontman of Delirious?, led worship in Heart of God Church with both new and classic songs

What Does Easter Look Like In A Youth Church?

Exciting, empowering, and full of gratitude for what Jesus has done!