The solution: a hard copy 19-day devotional for teens (11-12 years old), which was created completely in-house! 

By: HOGC Stories Team

HOGC Teens Devotional

Let’s face it: it’s not always easy to be serious about reading the Bible, especially when you come across passages you don’t understand. 

Moreso when you’re a kid! While most of us have instant access to online Bible commentaries, children don’t necessarily have access to a smartphone. And given that many hardcopy resources are either designed for young children or for older youths, our Teen Cell leaders, who lead teens aged 11-12 years old, struggled to find something that was “just right”. 

With the challenges the teens faced, and out of a desire to see them grow spiritually, the Teen Cell leaders decided to create a hardcopy devotional tailored to their needs!

HOGC Teens Bible Study
The 19-day devotional took teens through the book of Luke.

Carol, whose 11-year-old son, Luke, completed the devotional, was moved by how the Teen Cell leaders went the extra mile to help the teens understand and apply Biblical principles. 

“I’m so amazed by the heart of the Teen Cell leaders for the teens,” she said. “The content was so good and deep yet very relatable for 11-12 year-olds. Luke found it easy to understand!”

“For example, Day 1 covers 4 areas Jesus grew in. The devotional takes you through reflections, questions and even application – for that day it was ‘text your leader in church and ask how I can grow in these areas as well.’ This helps the teens to be accountable and open to their leaders!” 

HOGC Teens Devotional Luke

As for the teens? They loved it! Many of them have since completed it and grown in their character and walk with God. 

Check out some of their reflections:

HOGC Teens Devotional Reflection

HOGC Teens Devotional Reflections

Heart of God Church Devotional Teens

We love seeing how seriously they’ve taken their growth in God at a young age! 

Parents like Carol were also touched by how the devotional equipped their children to grow in maturity. 

“Completing the 19-day devotional helped kickstart a deeper desire to read the Bible. I could see that even at 11, Luke could be serious about God time,” she said.

 “As this is the PSLE major exams year, the time spent with God helped him build his faith stronger instead of feeling overwhelmed. And with a deeper relationship with God, he also has a bigger heart to want to be there for his friends.” 

Heart of God Church Teens Devotional
Teens who finished the 19-day devotional early were also rewarded with a physical Bible 📖

Major 👏 to our Teen Cell leaders for creating this devotional – and for our teens for completing all 19 days with gusto!

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