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Safety at the Heart of HeartKidz2 min read

By: Shannon L.

As a soon-to-be father, I interviewed some of our Children’s Church (HeartKidz) teachers to find out more about how they provide a safe and secure environment for the children to experience God’s love.

Worship in HeartKidz – a precious sight

I’ve since found that every effort is taken by the Ministry to plan and uphold safety fundamentals at every HeartKidz event.  Here’s a look at two of them!

1. Accountability

One such fundamental is in the area of accounting for medical conditions and physical attendance by way of Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tags. These tags are assigned to every child and contain information such as emergency contact of their parents and medical details. Having this information at the ministry’s fingertips allows teachers to better respond in the event of a medical emergency, and be aware of the child’s food allergies before any food is presented.

HeartKidz volunteers manning the check-in system

Importantly, the tags are also used to help in accounting purposes. Every child that is checked-in or out of the premises via the gantry system. Upon dismissal, a Safety I/C stationed at the gantry ensures that every child is handed over to their appointed guardian’s care. Further, parents receive real-time notification on their mobile phones whenever their child passes through the gantry.

Sometimes, the teachers are accompanied by little helpers too!

2. Training

A second fundamental is ensuring that all volunteers are not only selected based on certain suitability standards but also trained to understand and adhere to key protocols when handling children under the age of 12 and when handling female children.

The HeartKidz teachers having some fun with the children

While safeguards (such as the accompaniment of at least one female teacher when a male teacher is on a visitation) are in place to ensure safety, the emphasis on the character and responsibility of the teachers and leaders of the HeartKidz Ministry is at the core of everything they do, to ensure the best environment for our children.

Volunteers from our Security Ministry are an extra pair of eyes for the check-in processes!


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