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Spilling the Beans: Coffee, More than just Caffeine!2 min read

By Alan L.

As an undergraduate, apart from lectures and tutorials, coffee has become a part of my daily diet. So, when I was given a chance to learn more about the magical java from coffee enthusiast Harrison, I immediately took it up!

Apart from learning how to appreciate coffee, we were also introduced to some must-know coffee facts. Read on to find out what they are!

IMAGE 2019-10-04 2:31:50 AM
Harrison (centre) introducing us to the world of coffee!

Fun Fact 1: Number 1 beverage in Singapore

Did you know that coffee is the most popular beverage in Singapore, with about 62.2% of the population consuming it daily just in the year 2018 alone!

Fun Fact 2: How many ways can you drink Coffee?

With more than over a dozen combinations to consume coffee, its popularity comes with little surprise.

Figure 2
Ways to have your coffee! Image courtesy of the internet

Fun Fact 3: Where does Coffee come from?

Coffee is drawn out of coffee beans, of which there are 2 types: Arabica or Robusta. Robusta beans are generally cheaper as it is harvested at lower altitudes and requires less care and attention. These are the beans used by our local coffee shops!

Coffee beans are then further classified into light, medium or heavy beans. The heavier the beans, the longer the taste lingers.

IMAGE 2019-10-04 2:31:55 AM
We were treated to some Arabica Light coffee beans

Fun Fact 4: Optimal conditions for preparing your coffee

To prepare it, the water used should be heated up to 96°C and then used to simmer the beans for 4.5 minutes.

Fun fact 5: Coffee shouldn’t be enjoyed on its own!

Coffee shouldn’t be enjoyed alone and on an empty stomach, so always pair it with a pastry to enhance the flavour.

IMAGE 2019-10-04 2:31:53 AM
Here’s Harrison preparing our coffee; to be enjoyed with cheesecake!

We are now all set to enjoy our coffee. To find out how we did it, look out for part 2!