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Synopsis: “Why are you always talking about God? Why do you always ask me to go to church??” This is Joyce Ng’s (@jwanting) story of how God completely transformed her life! 💛Watch this video as Joyce shares her encounter with God and why she decided to take the step of faith to say YES to Jesus. 😊


Hi everyone, I am Joyce, or you can call me “Jwanting”.  Let me bring you to my favourite part of my room! This is the favourite part of my room…And… oh, this is my followup book where I studied more about Jesus. And this is my usher tag, and I remember I set the chairs wrongly on my first usher duty. Oh! And this life jacket! Not that I don’t know how to swim…But it carries a deeper meaning… to love and live for others. I used to only love myself but after I became a Christian, I grew to love others. How did it happen? I don’t know but this is how it went! So since young, my family and I – we basically lived as though we are like strangers.

My dad often comes home drunk as well. And I remember there was one day he thought that my sister’s room was the toilet and he tried to pee in it. And there was a day that he also tried to strangle me. So from that day onwards, I thought to myself, like, why do other dads love their kids a lot and my dad is different? So from then, I hated him and I stopped calling him ‘dad’.So, feeling unloved, I tried to seek attention by entering the entertainment industry.

I auditioned for many, but I also failed for many! I became insecure and jealous of those who got the roles. On the outside, I’ll be like, “Wow congratulations! I’m so happy for you” But on the inside of my mind I was like, “Um, I obviously acted better than you.” I mean, so I worked doubly hard, and eventually I landed my first major role on TV! I was really happy! I was practically living my dream life, but nothing seemed to compensate for the mess in my heart. But this changed when I stepped into Heart of God Church during Christmas 3 years ago!

Pastor How shared, “Loved people, love people”, “Forgiven people, forgive people”.  That really tugged my heart. I realised how ugly and selfish I had been. At that moment, I remembered so clearly that God whispered to me, “I do not blame you.” So despite everything, God still loved me and forgave me, so I was so moved. So that day, I decided to give my life to Jesus!In church, I found the BEST friends I could ever ask for.

So whenever I performed in concerts, they will be rushing down and getting flowers… And another time, it was… ok this is so embarrassing…They sat around a table, they kind of watched one of the dramas I was in. They said I was their favourite actress! I was super embarrassed… but secretly in my heart, I was quite happy! Slowly, I opened up my heart to them.  There was once I cried and poured out my heart to them…They prayed for me, to have all the chains of my past to be broken. I was very, very thankful for them. 

Also, Father’s Day never meant anything to me. But on one Father’s Day, Pastor How surprised me with this Bible and letter. It is very precious to me. Once he even told me, “We will remember you as Joyce, not a superstar, not a celebrity, but Joyce. He told me that “Church is always a place you can be comfortable in.” Pastor Lia also told me she was proud of me, and gave me a big hug! So I felt so warm and touched, really! In church, I found the loving family I could ever dream for!And 2 years ago, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer.

The past me, I wouldn’t have any feelings to it. But after encountering God’s love for me, I actually found the courage to do the most difficult thing which is to forgive my dad. So, I even wrote a letter to him and visited him at the hospital.  When I reached his hospital bed, God’s love and peace filled my heart. Here’s part of my letter that I wrote to him , “主让我有了勇气写这封信给你,主让我有勇气原谅你,主给了我勇气再有可能叫你一声爸,也是主让我知道我是可以原谅你的。爸,我原谅你。” Then in one visit, I felt God prompting me to share Christ with Him. 

So that day, I shared John 3:16, held his hand and prayed for him! He had no energy to respond, but I saw tears in his eyes. A few days later, he passed on. I was sad but I felt assured that he knew God and I’m going to meet him in heaven one day! If not for God, it would have ended very differently. God is a God of miracles!As I put God first in my life, God also moved in my career. 

I’ve landed lead roles in dramas, I have also hosted events and advertised for these brands! Amidst the COVID19 situation nowadays, it has not been the easiest for the self-employed. But God is so so so good! I conceptualized and starred in an entire video for a big company – ASUS! More than that, I boldly post about my faith on social media, like this Q&A section that I have it on my Instagram highlights. And psst… I also rejected big roles or roles that requires me to do things that do not coincide with my christian values. that’s a big no-no! Ya, and also, last year, I got water baptised! And I just want to proclaim God’s love to as many people as I can.

So today, I want to thank God. I was so broken and ugly… but He still loves me unconditionally. As I took the step of faith to trust God, He showed me miracles in my life. So friends, you too can place your trust in God. Have faith and open up your hearts to Him today! Thank you! 

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