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My Search for Purpose Unexpectedly Led Me to God5 min read

A Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a job in a multinational firm still left him empty until this Heart of God Church's member's search for purpose unexpectedly led him to God
My Search For Purpose Unexpectedly Led Me To God! | Stay Home Stories

Synopsis: Seng Chye was always skeptical about Christianity but it was in his pursuit for purpose that he found God and so much more!

Seng Chye:

Hi everyone, I’m Seng Chye. I used to be sceptical about Christianity. But along the way, my search for purpose has led me, unexpectedly, to God. Here’s what happened! 

I come from a good family. I studied hard and I pursued my Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the UK.I also got a good job in a multinational firm and I liked what I was doing. Yet I always felt empty.  Some nights I lay in bed wondering, what am I doing with my life? Why do I feel so lost? I didn’t have these answers, so I just put all my energy into work. Some weeks, I worked from Monday till Sunday. I even left the office at 2am sometimes.

I liked to portray myself as a confident, smart and friendly person. But ironically, I was introverted and usually kept to myself. On the weekends I stayed at home all day just to play computer games. I know I may not look like it…but I was a gamer, no kidding. I just didn’t see much value in having genuine relationships.

But things changed when I met Wei Rong! She was my colleague at work, and she was a pretty nice girl. I started to get interested in her, so I dropped hints here and there. I was curious to know why she was so passionate and joyful about God. So I invited myself to her church – Heart of God church! 

When I first came, the people were so welcoming. Everyone had the same joy and passion Weirong had! Pastor Lia’s sermon was so engaging and relatable, so I didn’t mind coming back. Somehow,  as I kept coming back, I felt my heart opening towards God. I realised that for God to be God, He’s probably greater than my mind could even comprehend. Then came Christmas! One of the leaders in church, Evonne realised that I still was not a Christian. So she asked me a simple question – why not? Her question was simple, but it stumped me. All this while, I had been so preoccupied with thinking about why I should believe in God. But maybe the question to ask was, “Is there a reason why not?” I really could not think of any! So that day, I took a step of faith and I gave my life to Jesus! The best decision ever! 

As I came back to church, I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with… Jesus! I started follow up bible study lessons with my leader. They are 8 one-on-one lessons where we learn about having a relationship with God. Through one lesson I learnt that God speaks to us – and one way is through the Bible! My favourite verse in the bible is Philippians 4:13 –  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I had been so used to relying on myself. But when I read the verse, God reminded me that I don’t have to navigate life all on my own. He is here to equip me and to strengthen me! 

The people in church were such genuine friends too. They even gave this album to me! It’s a very significant album that was produced by our church, and it’s really special to me. Also, in this circuit breaker period, we have so many virtual game nights, we make kimchi pancakes together, we also come together to pray and to watch our On Air services together! I’ve also changed in the way I relate to my colleagues. I no longer approach them just because I need a favour from them.  But now, I ask about their lives and listen to their struggles.  Some of them even commented that I’m much happier now – and I guess it’s true! Having friends and real conversations is much better than just gaming by myself! Also, I started volunteering in Heartkidz – our Children’s Church ministry.  I get to sow into the lives of the next generation, so that they can encounter God too. I used to struggle with why I felt so lost in life. But when God’s love filled my heart, I realised that my purpose was not just living for myself. It’s in caring for others and bringing the love of God to those around me. I wake up every morning feeling excited and fulfilled for what God has in store for me. 

Well, you must be wondering…what about the pretty, nice girl I talked about? After a few months of growing in God, I plucked up all the courage to ask Wei Rong to be my girlfriend… and she said yes! I’m so thankful for Pastor How and Pastor Lia. They shared with us so honestly about how to build a strong, godly relationship. And well, not long ago…we got married! We’re so happy that we get to spend the rest of our lives loving God together. Best of all, we now have the same vision to build His house as a couple. 

To everyone who is watching this – maybe you’re like how I was. Your life looks great on the outside, but still, something feels missing. God filled the emptiness in my heart with joy and purpose, and today I’m here to share that He can do the same for you too. Thank you. 

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