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Finding her greatest adventure5 min read

Finding Her Greatest Adventure | Heart of God Church

Synopsis: Fanny always craved for fun and adrenaline, but it was only when she encountered God that she found her greatest adventure.

Hi everyone, my name is Fanny. I live a purposeful and exciting life right now, but it didn’t start out that way. Here’s my story.

I had always craved the adrenaline that came with seeking new adventures. I’ve gone on a reverse bungee, been on a hot air balloon in Turkey, and travelled overseas alone for 2 weeks. It was fun! But in between each adventure, I felt lost and empty. In Singapore Management University, I challenged myself and took an unconventional combination. A double major in Political Science, and International and Asian Studies! As I studied, I grew to have a fascination for Mandarin-speaking nations, but I never quite understood why. While my life looked fun and exciting on the outside, deep down, there was a nagging sense of purposelessness I couldn’t shake off.

To fill my emptiness, I went drinking with my friends multiple times a week. Some days, I only reached home at 5am and woke up with a terrible headache the next morning. I felt meaningless and I hated it – but soon, I would be drinking with my friends again. Nothing seemed to fill the void in my heart.

With my drinking friends it was about fun, laughter and partying. I struggled to share deeply about my life and problems. I always put up a front that I was happy and okay. Many times I found myself surrounded by crowds of people, yet feeling so alone. I didn’t have genuine friendships. I started to wonder if this was how my life was going to be like – good on the outside but hollow on the inside. 

All this while, I believed in God. Yet, my heart was so far away from God. But my turning point came when I was in university, during a service in church. As I worshipped, love and peace warmed my heart. Then a thought came to me, “God is FOR you…” and I started to tear. It hit me that no matter how distant I was from God, He still loved me. Right there in service, I tried praying to God for the first time in a long while. I asked God, “God, what do you want me to do with my life?”A thought suddenly popped into my head, “Give your 100% to Me.” I knew it was God speaking to me… In that moment, the emptiness in my heart was replaced by a sense of hope! I realised God could give me the purpose I was searching for all my life! So that day, I made a decision to live my life fully for God! 

I also started to hang out more with my friends in church! All this while, they never judged me. They accepted and loved me for who I was. As I opened up more to them, I knew they were true friends whom I could trust. 

I also didn’t just rely on big services or my pastors and leaders to grow in God. I wanted to have a personal relationship with Him. The end of my day was the best – when I prayed and read my Bible on my own! Once, I was feeling uncertain about starting work and finding a job. Then, God spoke to me through Psalm 119:105. “Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.” As I read those words over and over again, I felt so assured. I knew God was leading me into His perfect plans for me. Eventually, I was offered a great job that fulfilled all the requirements I had and more! God is truly a good God! 

As I grew in God, the purpose for my life grew clearer and clearer. I signed up for multiple mission trips to the Mandarin-speaking nations. Through each trip, my heart was stirred. Soon after, Pastor How and Pastor Lia affirmed me. They told me they saw my strength in languages – how I am fluent in both English and Mandarin. They then gave me the opportunity to be part of the Global Team in church, ministering to Mandarin-speaking nations! I was so moved by their belief in me. From there, I started to communicate and work with Pastors overseas. I also helped to plan our church’s own Strong Church Hong Kong Conference. Over 1000 pastors and leaders from 85 churches and organisations attended it. When I saw them with tears in their eyes, their hands lifted, and a renewed joy on their faces…everything just clicked. I finally understood the purpose behind my passion for the Mandarin-speaking nations. This is the purpose I want to live for – to bring God’s love to all the Mandarin-speaking nations in the world. 

Looking back, God has truly changed my life! I used to drink to fill the emptiness in my heart, and I put up a facade in front of others. But now, I’ve found my purpose in God that gives me real joy. I’ve also found a spiritual family in church that I can go through the ups and downs of life with. While I used to do so much just to find fulfilment, now seeing lives changed by God gives me the greatest satisfaction. Open your hearts to Jesus and step into your greatest adventure today! Thank you.

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