5 ACTIVE-ities to Try with Family & Friends4 min read


By L. Man Tik

A very Happy New Year (and early CNY)! What better way to begin the year than by inviting your family and friends to join you for some fun ACTIVE-ities? You’ll not only stay in shape through a season of eating good food, you’ll get to start the year strong with some memorable moments! 

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1. Go on a nature walk 

Need a quick getaway from your daily urban routine? Take a short adventure on some unexplored trails with your loved ones, where you’ll be able to sweat out the calories, take photos with scenic backdrops, and feel a sense of achievement with the people who matter the most.

Scenic view at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. (Image via NParks)

Click here for some beautiful natural spots in Singapore worth paying a visit.

2. Have a Treetop Adventure

Now that you’ve explored the forest floor, it’s time to take your ACTIVE-ities to new heights at the Forest Adventure, Singapore’s first treetop obstacle course. Not only are there courses for both kids and adults, but there’s a 300m zip line that will send you flying across Bedok Reservoir. (If you’ve got a younger nephew, niece, cousin, or sibling, take them here to show that you’re never too old for a thrilling outdoor escapade!)

The Forest Adventure located at Bedok Reservoir Park Singapore. (Image via Forest Adventure)
Kids enjoying their time overcoming the obstacles. (Image via Forest Adventure)

3. Retro and disco-themed roller skating

What’s better than roller skating? Roller skating beneath disco lights, which you can do at HiRoller Singapore’s retro-themed roller rink! 

Don’t worry if you’re not good at skating. That’s the whole point – so that you can encourage (and laugh with) each other as you wobble and glide across the rink.

Rollerblading Nate Mendel GIF by Foo Fighters

New to skating? Picking it up is simple!

Step 1: Choose a suitable pair of skates. (Generally, roller skates are beginner-friendly, while inline skates are great for speed.)

Step 2: Make memories with your family and friends around the rink!

Roller Skates (Left) vs Inline Skates (Right).

4. Sign up for a spin class

Prefer cycling to roller skating? No problem! You can either head to the nearest cycling trail, or you can opt for rhythm cycling, which brings a different spin to regular cycling. Have a rockin’ good time in a dynamic musical atmosphere! 

P.s. Spin classes can be rather vigorous, so remember to hydrate!

Ground Zero - Cross Street Exchange
Rhythm cycling session at Ground Zero (Image via ClassPass)

5. Cosmic bowling

Want to stay active with a more “chill” option? Bowling – specifically, Cosmic Bowling, is a great choice! The neon and galaxy-themed alleys will give you and your loved ones a unique bowling experience.

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K Bowling Club
A cosmic neon-lit bowling alley at K Bowling Club (Image via Klook)

No matter which sport or activity you choose to do, making memories with the people around you will surely bring you some invaluable moments in this new year. Cheers to 2023!