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Academic Excellence: Inspired to Inspire1 min read

Michelle Koh
Lead Teacher, Educational Support at a Primary School

Before I was posted to the Ministry of Education headquarters as an Academic Officer, I was an English Teacher in a primary school for 14 years. I used to be very results-driven in the way I taught my students. But after I listened to the Academic Excellence messages and heard about the fruits of the programme, my approach to teaching started to change. I realised that every student has the potential to succeed.

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Instead of scolding my students for being lazy, I decided that I should inspire my students before imparting knowledge. I also started a Social Entrepreneurship Club called Club M.A.D (Make.A.Difference). It serves as a platform for the students to develop their creative potential.

Several of our projects were even featured on The Straits Times and the Mandarin newspapers! Now, I lead a team of teachers at a primary school who are responsible for ideas to raise the motivation of high-needs students. I make it a point to emphasise not just content knowledge, but character development.

Heart of God Church and the Academic Excellence Programme have given me a broader perspective on education and a deeper understanding of my students.

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