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HeartKidz June Holidays Camp1 min read

By: T. Weiqi, a HeartKidz teacher

Kick-starting the June Holidays, 34 HeartKidz (Children’s Church) teachers came together to co-run a 25-hour camp for 23 children. I hear you, “Co-run? With who?” Well, 70% of the planning team were children! Yes, this was a camp ran by children for children. The size of the camp was also intentionally smaller to focus on training the children in leadership skills.

One month before the camp, 12 children ages 7 to 12 started having meetings every Saturday with the teachers to discuss plans for food, events and administration. Each meeting went on for about an hour! The children thought through special dietary requirements/allergies, and ways they could inspire the rest of the children to eat and live healthily. They also came up with the camp packing list for both children and teachers; and designed invitation cards for the camp. Through these, they were empowered to make decisions, think more for others, and learnt that details determine destiny.


One of the highlights of the camp was the ‘How-To HeartKidz Workshop’. There, the teachers trained children in hosting guests, new friends and parents while imparting the heart behind why we do so. They also taught them how to share announcements during service, how to plan for and hold Pre-Service Engagement segments, how to use the John 3:16 app and many more. 

Out of that, many of these same children began to run and hold these segments during the weekend HeartKidz services!

Pastor How and Pastor Lia once taught us, “Maturity does not come with age, but with the acceptance of responsibility.”As the children rose up to serve, I saw that come to life. These children, though young, are mature beyond their years. We can’t wait to see the great things they are going to do for God!