By: Sabrina C.

Known for preaching sermons that motivate believers to be on fire for Jesus, that was exactly how I felt as I heard Pastor Wayne Chang preach in Heart of God Church (HOGC). Pastor Wayne is the Senior Pastor of one of the most influential churches in Taiwan – Hsin Tien Covenant Church (新店行道会). 

In August 2016, he took over as Senior Pastor from his father, Reverend Zhang Mao Song (張茂松牧師). Their church is known for organizing their annual conference – “Fire Conference”, attracting over 8,000 people from  the Mandarin-speaking world! In fact, our Senior Pastors, Pastor Tan Seow How and Pastor Cecilia Chan have preached in Fire Conference over the last 2 years! Because of our Senior Pastors’ relationship with Pastor Wayne, we were able to have Pastor Wayne over in HOGC!

As Pastor Wayne exclaimed, “Never get comfortable! Never maintain!”, his message tugged at every heart that afternoon. “Comfort leads to complacency, complacency leads to confusion, confusion leads to compromise, compromise leads to catastrophe…” I remember hearing this and feeling challenged to never be in a place where I’m too comfortable. What an apt reminder for us to strive for progress even more so during this decentralised period! 

Hsin Tien Covenant Church’s resources have also impacted both parents and children in HOGC! 

Their videos that shared with the children about the Bible were sent out to every parent in HOGC to take the chance to progress their children in the Word of God and their mandarin-skills during this extended decentralisation period! If you would like to check out some of these resources, click on the links below:

We are so thankful for Pastor Wayne’s word which has been so relevant to our current situation. 

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