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Photographer With a Purpose | Stay Home Stories

Synopsis: During his university days, Jordan loved photography. His photos were even made into posters and featured in exhibitions. Despite his success, he couldn’t shake the emptiness on the inside. Listen to how God transformed Jordan’s passion in photography into his purpose in life!


Oops! Didn’t see the camera rolling! Hello there! I’m Jordan. I’m currently in my last semester in NUS, studying Biomedical Engineering! And yes… what you saw earlier is what I do in my cosy home. Let me bring you through my story! 

Before knowing God, I strived hard in school and was very competitive. In NUS, I said YES to every commitment and didn’t prioritise. That’s how I ended up in the hall committee, as an Orientation Group Leader, the chairperson of the Cultural Management Board. I was even part of the handball team and the basketball team! I thought I was like Michael Jordan. But actually…I’m just Jordan Wang. In the end, I was busy, busy, busy, but… I had no idea what I was trying to achieve.

Oh! My all-time favourite was being in the photography club. I love taking photos! My photos appeared in exhibitions, were used in posters, on Instagram… But that was it! I wasn’t sure what the purpose to my passion was. 

And yes, I had lots of friends! Actually, it was mostly just fun and games. Most of these friendships ended when the CCA meetings (and supper) ended. I was also caught up in a relationship that I didn’t feel much peace about. Whether it was friendships or relationships, I never felt that it went very deep. While it was fun, I longed for more genuine friendships in my life. 

While I had the perfect track record in school, it was the opposite at home. I had the WORST temper and flared up at my parents over the smallest things. Whenever I felt frustrated, I vented it by slamming doors and punching walls. Home was like living in a minefield because… I could explode any moment! I wanted to change, but I didn’t know how.

And…a few years ago, it was during Easter when my friend Yun Hsiu invited me to church! It was my first time in a church! It was mind blowing! During worship, I felt a peace in my heart that I have never felt before. From there, I kept coming back to church! In one of those services, a still small voice in my heart told me “I am with you”…I knew that it had to be God! That service, I became a Christian! Later on, God spoke to me through the verse Proverbs 4:11. I was so touched to know that God is always with me to keep me on this right path. His word will always guide me through every situation in my life!  

Soon, God shone a spotlight on one area in my life – my anger. The people I loved the most, my family, have been hurt by my words and actions. The Bible tells me to have self control. When I felt tempted to flare up, I chose to hold back, compose myself and pray. Each time, a peace filled my heart. Instead of getting angry, I chose to have a proper conversation to understand my family!  God not only transformed my relationships at home, He also transformed my heart.

In church, I found friends that didn’t just have common interests, but common vision to live for a purpose greater than themselves! We talked about our dreams for our future and how to reach those goals! Last year, when I went overseas on an exchange program, it was the point that made me realise that these are the friendships I really missed.  Thousands of miles away, it brought a smile on my face to skype in for every CG hangout and CG meeting that I could! Who would have thought that meeting online would be the only way we can communicate now during the circuit breaker period! With regard to relationships, God encouraged me that He is looking out for this area of my life. And as I focus on Him, He will bring the right person into my life. I’m believing that I will have a great and godly family in the future! Yeah!

Oh! And check out this photo! That was me! I was a Pho-THOR-grapher! Now, I am in the photog ministry and I love serving God with my skills! This is where I sit to edit my photos. But let me tell you the back story!

Before I joined photog (the photography ministry),Pastor Lia prayed that I would use my abilities to lead others closer to God. I couldn’t stop tearing. Pastor How also told me that I can do great things for God… I kept their words close to my heart… then as I was praying in my own room (right there?), God showed me a powerful vision. It was a vision of myself as a trainer in the photography ministry! I knew I had to take this seriously! Fast forward 2 years, today I am REALLY a trainer in the photography ministry! My dream now is to train up the next generation of young new crew in the ministry!

Once during a service, God prompted me to walk to one specific aisle and prepare to take a shot. I wondered why! Then when the preacher asked who wanted to be a Christian, just a few metres away from me, someone responded to Jesus! I was able to capture the exact moment he placed his hand on his heart. Photography just used to be a passion, but now there is a purpose to it  – to capture all that God is doing!

Right now, my life could not be more complete. I’ve grown to be a kinder person at home and I’ve found friends that I love and I can grow in God! I found a purpose and a meaning to my passion! If you can relate to my story, God is knocking on the door of your heart. Open up your hearts and I believe you can find your purpose in God! You’re going to enjoy this journey with Him. Thank you! 

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