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Reach Your Fullest Potential: A Clinical Psychologist’s Tips to Achieving Peak Performance2 min read

By: Celine K.

A renowned clinical psychologist and highly entertaining speaker, Dr Robi dished out tips on achieving peak performance to a group of our university students. If you want to get the best out of life and your abilities, stay tuned for a sneak into what our favourite doctor has to say!

Here are 4 Tips on Achieving Peak Performance.

1. Passion vs Reflection – it’s a fine line between creativity and crazy!

Too much passion lands you in Mad Land, everything sounds like a great idea. Too much reflection lands you in Negative Land, nothing sounds like it will work. Find a balance between these two to get into your zone of creativity.

Don’t go mad or be sad. Strike the perfect balance!

2. The Sweet Spot

Contrary to what most people think, your peak performance zone is not at your 100%, but in your 65-85%! Overloading to more than 85% of your capacity will result in inefficiency. Think of a bottle of milk filled to its brim – you can’t pour the milk out without spilling it!

Did you know? Overloading to more than 85% of your capacity will result in inefficiency!

3. Intentional Procrastination

If you want to achieve more, procrastinate more! What?? That’s right. Assigning a task more time than it requires, increases the task’s complexity and your own stress. Set aside time to relax, and a time to start working. Then, do it efficiently!

Say what? Procrastinate more? That got us all laughing nervously too!

4. Dare to Believe

Whatever you believe becomes your ceiling. Think not about your status, but your growth potential! What we believe in makes all the difference.

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