By: S. Zhen Wei

Durian hype in Singapore is definitely at its height right now. Want to know the differences between the types of durians, their tastes, price range and which ones you should go for?

A few days back, I went on a durian hunt with a bunch of friends. Here is a brief introduction of the three durians we tried for our cravings your benefit.

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 4.06.00 PMYes, this was definitely a fun assignment

1. D101 – Unique Sweetness

The first durian we tasted was the D101. With a lighter, sweet taste, this is for people who prefer durians with a mild… “less durian” flavour.

Taste – Light, sweet
Texture – Sticky
Seed – Large
Price – $$

2. “Red Prawn” or 红虾 – Creamy Goodness

The second durian we tried was the “Red Prawn”. With a bittersweet taste and creamy texture, this is the “entry-level” durian for those looking to save some cash at their durian feast.

Taste – Bittersweet
Texture – Creamy
Seed – Large
Price – $

3. Mao Shan Wang – King of the King of Fruits

Lastly, we had a taste of the most well-known durian. With a firm texture and the strongest flavour out of the three, many (including myself) consider it their favourite. The MSW’s popularity is no wonder why it comes at a higher price.

Taste – Strong
Texture – Firm
Seed – Tiny
Price – $$$

From left to right: Mao Shan Wang, Red Prawn and D101

In conclusion – which durian should you get? Well, I would say go for a combination of the different flavours to get the best out of quantity and quality at a reasonable price.

Most importantly, grab some friends along! Durians are best enjoyed with company.