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What Faith Looks Like: A Message Penned in Faith1 min read

This is what faith looks like! Clement had faith for his sister, Sophia, to step into church and know God. So, he decided to put faith into action. He went to the bookstore and bought a bible study booklet, wrote down the date of purchase and a sincere message for his sister.

The bible study booklet Clement bought in faith for his sister
In the booklet, Clement penned a message that his sister would see when she decided to know God.

As he stepped out in faith, God moved! Exactly 2 years after he bought the follow up booklet, his sister made a decision to follow Jesus! Since then, she has completed bible study lessons and is faithfully serving in church!

Clement (left) with his sister, Sophia (right)

Out of this story, many others have been inspired in the same way to have faith for their friends and family members to know God!