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3 Moments God Guided Me In My Life6 min read

3 Moments God Guided Me In My Life! | Stay Home Stories

Synopsis: From living a life to please others to living a life pleasing to God. Listen to Jamie’s story of 3 moments in her life that God spoke into her situation!


Hi!! Feeling bored at home? I know how you feel! I’m Jamie. Why not…listen to my exciting journey with God? I want to share with you moments when God guided me and spoke into my situation that changed my life! Not once, not twice, but 3 TIMES! So here we go!

The first one I have to share about is when I just became a Christian! I remember a few years ago after my major exams, I was REALLY bored. Kind of how we are all like right now with the circuit breaker measures in place. I scrolled through Instagram for hours and hours…and saw an Instagram story that my secondary school friend posted! The post looked something like this. It was about church and it looked so fun! So, when he invited me for a service in church, I was thrilled! And I agreed. When I stepped into church, everything from the atmosphere, to the peace I felt when we worshipped God captivated me. During the service, Pastor Lia shared about how God desires to have a relationship with us.  Growing up having heard about God, I always thought He was a faraway figure. But through the sermon, God was tugging at my heart. So that day, I decided to become a Christian! Best decision ever!

The second time when God really spoke to my heart was during Follow Up Bible study lessons I had with my leader. This is my Follow Up book! As a new Christian, I started these 8 one-on-one lessons to grow to God. In one lesson, I learned that God is always with me and that I can talk to Him! So I started to pray. God spoke to me so clearly, “Jamie, keep growing in Me. No matter what, I love you for who you are.” I was sitting just there! (Points to the spot!) I couldn’t stop tearing. This whole time, I tried very hard to gain acceptance from my friends.  I always made fun of people and was always trying to prove myself others. When I was selected to be the vice-head prefect in school, I thought I would finally have lots of friends and followers on Instagram…But honestly, it was just tiring trying to keep up with this image. As God spoke to me, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. God loves me for who I am and I can be secure in Him!

Well, if you ask me why I stayed on in church… It’s also because of the people! The funniest memory with them would be when we made Tik Tok together! Sometimes we would also study together over Zoom till 3am.  Those times, we would watch each other accidentally fall asleep! Once, we also had a cook off together.  I became the famous chef Jamie Oliver! I mean…. Jamie Tan!

But more than having fun, they inspired me to grow in my character as well! In the past, I was very self-centred. Whenever I had a bad day, I would vent my frustrations on my mum and dad. Each time I did, I felt really bad… but I would just shrug it off. Once in school, some of my friends were crying over their grades. All I could say was, “Life’s like that, just move on”.

But I noticed that my friends in church are always encouraging people!  I was so inspired to be more like them! Once, I was texting a friend.  I found out that she was staying up late complete an assignment. So the next morning, I bought her some snacks to love her! It was a simple act but it went a long way in growing my heart for others. It became easier to show care & concern to the people around me. Soon, the friendships in my life became less superficial! At home, I also stopped being so short-tempered with my parents. I did something I never did before – I helped out with house chores!  Some days, I bought my mum’s favourite roasted chestnut snack for her. On Mother’s Day, I even gave her a photo frame and wrote down why I love her! Psst…! Mother’s Day is next week too! So don’t forget to do something, but don’t copy me!

Lastly, a significant time when God spoke to me was during a service in church. It was through the verse 1 Thessalonians 2:4! It says, “…Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.” I realised that my life was meant to glorify God! All this time, there was an emptiness in my heart I somehow couldn’t fill. I thought spending all my time on volleyball would give me the purpose I was searching for. I was on the school volleyball team, trained 3 times a week, and won many medals! And…here they are! Each time my team won a medal, I felt so accomplished. But then a few days later, the happiness went away.  I wondered… actually what is the purpose of doing all this? After all, it never made me feel truly happy on the inside. But when God spoke to me, everything started to click! I started volunteering in the Projection Ministry in church! I’m also a leader in church, guiding newer Christians in their walks with God.-   Now, even though I’m at home, I’m not bored. I spend my time growing closer to God! I share with my Connect Group about my encounters with God online! Living a life for God comes with no regrets. My dream is that my friends will all be able to live the same way too. I also have faith that my family will one day be serving God together with me.

Today, I want to thank God. From pleasing others, I find my purpose in living a life pleasing to God. Right now, you may be stuck at home, but you don’t have to be stuck in life! Give God a chance to change your life today!   Thank you!

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