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Pastor Lia from Heart of God Church shares her Easter message amidst the Coronavirus pandemic to aid 17 churches worldwide.

Pastor Cecilia Chan shared her message with 17 churches to ease the burden of pastors swamped with the post-Easter crunch.

By: Sabrina C.

Over the Easter period, Senior Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia) shared her message titled “A House Is Not A Home” with 17 Christian organisations worldwide (from Germany to India) and many were so ministered by her message. Despite the long hours spent recording this very message for Heart of God Church’s own Easter service, she spent 3 more hours recording individualized greetings in different languages for each organisation. She just wanted to personalize her message to the various churches and organisations to bless them for Easter.

Ever since the churches started going online amidst the Coronavirus crisis, pastors around the world have had to spend a lot of time filming every week – and that does not include hours of post-production! Pastor Lia’s heart was to ease the burden of pastors swamped with the post-Easter crunch.

Check out the personalised greetings Pastor Cecilia Chan filmed for each of the 17 churches. She recorded them in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

The impact of this message went beyond Singapore, to over 17 churches in countries such as Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Faroe Islands, Taiwan and India!


After receiving the sermon recording and personalised message, one pastor in Hong Kong told our team member: I had only planned to send the message out next week because we are too busy this week. But when I saw how Ps Lia recorded a message for our members in Cantonese, I was very touched. I can feel the love of the entire production team.

I thought, since you guys love us so much, I can’t waste your effort. I dropped all that I was doing and immediately wrote the wrap-up and played the message that very weekend.


While India was quick to close its international borders and enforce an immediate lockdown to stem the spread of COVID-19, this left churches in the country with little time to respond. With that, two pastors we knew had no choice but to minister to their members while staying in another region.


After streaming the message in their weekend services, one church in Taiwan posted:

Thank God for technology! Even in times of the virus outbreak, nothing can stop us from knowing Jesus. Pastor Lia shared such an important message–Heaven is our eternal home; church is our spiritual home!


No place was closer to our pastor’s heart than the orphanage our church has been supporting, Destiny Grace Home.

Pastor Lia shares in her Instagram post: Of all the places that received the message #AHouseIsNotAHome, Destiny Grace Home in Myanmar is one that’s closest to my heart. Our church has been supporting the orphanage for over 15 years!⁠⠀

These snapshots of the young people listening to the message just bring such warmth! And what an aptly-named Orphanage! They may have a broken home on earth but Destiny Grace Home is their God-given earthly Home now.⁠⠀

After all, “Who” is more important than “Where”! In Jesus, they have found their Home!⁠⠀


Writer’s note: it is so heartwarming to see Pastor Lia’s heart and message impacting churches all around the world. We are glad to play a part in helping others through these trying times. We’re all in this together!⁠

P.S. The message is now made available for everyone, watch it below:

A House Is Not A Home (Part 1) | Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia)

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