By: G. Xin Yi

My life used to be so meaningless. I chased after all the fun things in life, but after the fun was over, I stared into space thinking, “What am I to do now?”⁣

Then, my school senior invited me for an Easter service at Heart of God Church! There, I felt an unexplainable peace fill my heart. So, I came back the next week and invited Jesus into my life!⁣ Since then, everything has changed! In church, I have been discipled and entrusted with leadership.⁣

Xin Yi (left most) with the friends he planned Youth Camp 2017 with

At 14, I was given the chance to plan a youth camp for 400 people! I was also given the opportunity to join the Media Training School (MTS), where we learnt new skills and practised using professional equipment.⁣

Now, at 16, I am the youngest Media Team Leader, stringing all 8 ministries in the Media Department together.⁣

Xin Yi serving as Media Team Leader

Here I am encouraged, empowered, equipped to do great things for God. I have found family, and I have found a purpose! There is no life I would rather live!”⁣

God brings purpose to the purposeless! God can do the same for you too!

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