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Reinforcements Weekend4 min read

By: Abby P. & Min S.

We’re back in church for the weekend! We step into church and we’re greeted by the usual smiles from our affable hosts. Soon, we’re seated and the service starts. As the service goes on, to our surprise… we discover the service was run entirely by youth! Teenagers from the age of 14 to 18 ran it from start to end — the sound, lights, videos, projections, worship, dance and more!

Youth dance and worship teams in full swing

It’s Reinforcements Weekend! Let’s dive in to find out what went down during this action-packed weekend!

Youth worship team leading our main services into the presence of God

Firstly, we caught sight of Stefan, our youngest Front-of-House sound engineer who is only 15 years old! We spot him dialling the knobs and switches on the massive and futuristic looking soundboard — like a pilot confidently behind a cockpit of blinking lights and controls. Cool beans!

15-year-old Stefan on the sound board


Because we believe in the younger generation, youth like Stefan had had the opportunity to learn skills in managing the sound console. With this belief, the church has been training generations and generations of young people with skills that enable them to step up, take up more responsibility and to grow in their walks with God. Go, Stefan! Psst…! catch Stefan’s life story here.

15-year-old Giselle on the bass

Next up, who’s that rockin’ it on the bass? It’s Giselle! Giselle, our 15-year-old bassist, was trained by our veteran bassists! Don’t miss Giselle’s life story here.

Giselle (centre) with generations of bassists, many of whom helped to train her!

Our youth are trained in-house by veterans who have gone all out to reach down to the youth and moulded them into talented leaders. The veterans understand how nervous the youth might be because they were once in that position themselves!

Live Feed training in action
Dominic (left) trained Samantha (centre) who then trained 13-year-old Reagan (right)

However, we are a team and as a team, we lift each other up! With our faith in God and the guidance from veterans, many youth grew to a whole new level in their skills! We can do this because we understand this important principle — we know we are not being replaced!

Youth Sound and Worship teams gathering for a quick huddle before service starts

These are just two out of many stories that we know about. We’re sure you’ve heard more — if not, ask someone in church about it! Looking forward, the church will continue building many more generations of reinforcements. Till then, let’s keep believing in them too!

Pastor How & Pastor Lia with the youths who helmed Reinforcements Weekend!

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