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I Received a Brand New Laptop From Church.1 min read

When I entered university, I received a brand new laptop from church. It helped me thrive just like any of my peers in university! Prior to that, I had to borrow a laptop to do my school work.⁣⁠

Prior to receiving the laptop, Jasmine had to borrow one to work on her university assignments

At the age of 7, my family ran into substantial debt. I grew up in lack and my heart had no rest. While my friends talked about their ambitions and dreams but none of that crossed my mind.⁣⁠

Photo 2-3-19, 5 07 19 PM
Jasmine sharing in children’s church

⁣However, I thank God for our church and my pastors’ belief and investment in me! Now, I am able to live my life well and serve in the children’s church. As I share God’s word with the children, God reminded me that I am building future generations who will be godly parents and leaders!⁣⁠