Dr. Thomson Mathew is a third generation minister and the Dean of the College of Theology and Ministry in Oral Roberts University – a leading Christian university in the world. Before assuming this post in January 2000, he also personally trained under the great hero of faith and founder of ORU, Dr. Oral Roberts.

Recently, Dr. Mathew specially flew into town to spend a little over a week at Heart of God Church. A bulk of the week was spent conducting lessons for some of our Senior Leaders as part of the Masters of Divinity program they are taking at ORU. It was also our pleasure to have Dr. Mathew also share an insightful message in both Heart Of God Church main services.

We caught up with Dr. Mathew as we were curious to hear from the Dean himself on the importance and relevance of theological studies. Is it just for those who are slated to become pastors? Or is it relevant for the everyday Christian?

We also chatted with Dr. Mathew about the makings of a healthy church. Drawing from his extensive travels and wealth of experience teaching students from churches and denominations all over the world, he outlined 5 characteristics of a healthy church.

Check out the interview below to hear what Dr. Thomson Mathew has to say.

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