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Singapore Kindness Movement Awards HOGC Youth1 min read

29 May 2015—Singapore Kindness Movement presents an award to the Heart of God Church youth for the #loveothers14 initiative. Every year, the Kindred Spirit Circle Certificate is only given out to 5 initiatives that made a significant impact in the area of building a kinder and more gracious society.

Five Heart of God Church youths – Stephanie, Sylvester, Charmaine, Cordell and Shynzi represented the initiative at the event. Shynzi, who is only 16, was the youngest to go on stage to receive the award, which was presented by Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong.

After the ceremony, the youths also had the privilege of speaking to ESM Goh and sharing with him about the initiatives they had done. Aside from ESM Goh, they also met and shared about #loveothers14 with Minister Lawrence Wong who is the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and the 2nd Minister for Communications and Information.

We are so happy that our little initiative has made an impact in our nation! Truly, youth can change the world. Youth can make a difference.

Read more about our #loveothers initiative at our loveothers.sg website

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