With the major examinations looming around the corner, everyone’s studying really hard! Need something extra other than coffee to pull you through the long hours of mugging? Here’s a dose of Academic Excellence inspiration with some tips we’ve picked up from two of our Academic Excellence videos on Youtube.

1. Don’t be distracted while stud— ooh, look a butterfly!

AE - Jarren 1

Instagram? Snapchat? If there’s anything distracting you, set it aside and FOCUS!

2. Keep going even when you don’t feel like it!

AE - Jarren 2

Stressed? Don’t give up and press on! Like Jarren, you could be in for a surprise when you finally get your results. It’s not about how you start, but how you end.

AE - Jarren 3

Want to know how Jarren scored in his ‘O’-Levels by creating winning habits? Check out Jarren’s Story – From Winning Computer Games to Winning Scholarships.

From Serial Gamer to A*Scholar | Heart of God Church Academic Excellence Programme

3. Don’t just memorise, but understand!

AE - Joey 2

Studying is not just for good results, but for the training of your mind!


AE - Joey 4

Lastly, have faith! While Joey didn’t have the biggest head start in life, he applied what he learnt in Academic Excellence and did well. Watch how he made it From EM3 and ITE to Poly to Uni.

To all the students out there taking your examinations, do good and do well. We are with you!

In 2005, Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How) launched Academic Excellence. Since then, many students who have gone through the early years of our AE Programme have graduated (Link: Heart of God Church Story: A Decade of Academic Excellence), and some are now working as doctors, lawyers and professionals in top MNCs.

A Decade of Academic Excellence | Heart of God Church

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