Enhancing Your Coffee Experience in 4 Simple Steps2 min read

By Jessilyn T.

Before we begin, gulp down a glass of water to cleanse your palette. You wouldn’t want your coffee tasting like your lunch! For a better experience, pair it with a slice of cheesecake and you are good to go!

1. Smell

The smell is an essential attribute of coffee and it’s one of the reasons why coffee addicts exist. So, how do you smell coffee? Cup your hands over the cup, leaving a small gap. Then, take a whiff of it. Mentally note the aroma – Is it fruity, earthy, nutty, or citrusy? 

2.Slurp (not sip)

Besides adding a little fun, slurping has two practical functions. One, it cools the coffee down as you drink it. Two, the action of sucking in air introduces oxygen into your mouth which coats your tongue with coffee. This means you get to taste more of the coffee, a win if you just can’t get enough of it! 

3. Locate

Coffee beans come in different bodies too – heavy, medium and light. After taking the first slurp, let the taste linger in your mouth. Then, identify the type of body used. The heavier the body, the longer the taste would stay in your mouth. Next, does it taste sour? If it does, then your coffee is acidic. 

4. Describe

Lastly, describe the flavour of the coffee. Be as expressive as you can! You can refer to the diagram below to help you!

That’s all the steps to level up your coffee experience! For the coffee world newbies, try this out! For the seasoned coffee-lovers…what are you waiting for? Have a slurping good time!