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A Youth’s Take on Connecting with God2 min read

By Jasmine C.

At 16, Henry Chew has an impressive portfolio of self-coded applications and programmes. But he has no care for achievements because Henry has chosen to use his gift for something greater.

After one of the sessions at Strong Church Singapore 2019, Henry and his friends realised that their zone could use a spiritual boost and decided to do something about it. The team began to brainstorm creative ideas to encourage their zone mates to build strong spiritual habits. After seeking advice from their leaders, they embarked on the novel project to create a Bible Reading Plan – with a twist!

More than just the traditional check-box card, the reading plan came in the form of a telegram bot. The bot was specially designed to keep everyone on the same page (literally!). Every morning at 6.20 am, the team sent encouraging messages with reminders to pray and read the Word of God.

With his programming skills, Henry took charge of coding the bot while the rest of the team helped in crafting messages and designing the launch card. 

To keep everyone up to date with the church happenings, the zone members could look forward to updates on upcoming events and weekend hangout plans. What’s even cooler is that the bot would reply to any question you ask – anything from “Who is Jesus?” to “What can I pray for?”

Like many youths in Heart of God Church, Henry’s story is a testament to the saying originated by our Senior Pastors, Pastor Tan Seow How and Pastor Cecilia Chan – “Youths are leaders of today, not just tomorrow”. With his leaders’ support, Henry and his friends launched the bot in just ONE week! Indeed, when believed in, the creativity and resourcefulness of youths can surely make a difference!

Now, more than 100 people have begun building good spiritual habits. As for Henry, he is now one step closer to realising his dream to be a computer engineer for God!

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