By: A. Hao Yuan & Alex T.

Check out how the day went:
What seemed like an ordinary Saturday for the rest of us was made extraordinary as young adults from both Heart of God Church and Khalid Mosque partnered up to support the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) flag day. 62 young working adults in our church stepped up and sacrificed their morning to volunteer. Our members lined the street with colours, greeting the public with smiles as they collected donations throughout the day. Kidney dialysis can be an agonising and tiring process for patients, who fork out huge sums monthly to continue financing treatments. In an effort to support them, the NKF rallied 1600 tin-bearers to raise funds and spread kidney health messages island-wide. Many of the volunteers would later share that were deeply touched by the big-heartedness of our Geylang Serai community. How heartwarming it is to be able to stand together with our neighbours to serve people in need! Check out how the day went: