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History was made on 13 and 14 December 2014. Heart of God Church launched our very first EP!

The EP, titled “Yahweh”, contains eight tracks that capture the unique sound of our church. Our members had already received hints about an album launch from video teasers, but no one expected that we would launch not just a CD but also an actual 7” Vinyl record. As we played the vinyl on stage using a turntable, our older members were hit with a wave of nostalgia while our younger members looked in amazement. Many of them had never seen a turntable in their lives!

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Although our worship team musicians were already skilled enough to write songs many years ago, we did not want to jump on the bandwagon of producing albums. Instead, we decided to focus on building a deep bench first. Our Pastors set up the School of Worship (SOW) and the School of Music (SOM) so that our senior musicians could impart their skills to a younger generation and inspire them to have a heart of worship. Today, our worship team grown in size and strength—with this deep bench, our senior musicians could finally move on to songwriting.

The Yahweh EP was also birthed out of a love for people. Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How) spoke about how one could easily find good sermons online, but the atmosphere of worship in Heart of God Church was something that was hard to replicate anywhere else in the world. He was particularly impacted by the family of Teck Chuan, Suan Ling and their two daughters, who are all based in Perth, Australia. They miss our worship atmosphere so much that they would always skype in to our services. With the Yahweh EP, they can now bring the sound of Heart of God Church everywhere they go.

Moreover, the instrumental tracks ‘Prayerworks’ I & II and Not Afraid (recorded live during one of our prayer meetings) were specially arranged to aid our members in their personal prayer and worship time.

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The EP took our songwriting team two and a half years to produce. Our worship leader, Daniel Goh, shared that in the process of producing the EP, there were seven to eight versions of each song. He also shared about how the songs were birthed out of deep worship moments. The lyrics for ‘Yahweh’ came out of a prayer meeting in 2011 when Pastor Lia was undergoing an operation.

More than just an album, ‘Yahweh’ expresses the power of God that we have experienced together as a church, through the mountains and valleys. Indeed, it is a piece of Heart of God Church history!

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