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Nepal Disaster Relief: Live Update7 min read

On 25 April, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake which killed more than 8,000, injured more than 18,000 and left countless homeless and in need of aid.

On 13 May, Heart of God Church will be sending up a team to help with the disaster relief, comprising of:

Martin Wong – Our missions director and former deputy CO of an elite government unit
Colin Chia – Our full-time staff and commando NSman
Dr. Wee Jia Yan
Dr. Leonard Leng

Last weekend, our church came together to pray for the people in Nepal and the safety of the team.


Not known to many, every Sunday for more than 5 years we have been bussing in a group of Gurkha kids who attend our Children’s Church.

After the quake 2 weeks ago the kids who are still in Singapore have been worried for their family and friends who have gone back to Nepal as some are still missing. Our Children’s Church teachers have been ministering to and praying with the kids.

Follow this post as we update you with information about our team

12 MAY, TUE, 3:00 PM:  Nepal was hit once again by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake. Reports indicate tremors could be felt in northern India and as far away as New Delhi. Please pray for the people of Nepal as well as our team who are flying up tomorrow.

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13 MAY, WED 1:40PM (GMT+5:45): We have confirmation that our team has arrived in Nepal safely.

13 MAY, WED 6:30PM (GMT+5:45): The team is now at their base of operations. They are making preparations to move out early tomorrow morning.

14 MAY, THU 4:00AM (GMT+5:45): Our team is up early today. Heading to the zone affected by the quake to do a medical clinic.

 It’s 4AM here in Nepal. We’re preparing to move out soon.

After landing, we spend most of yesterday preparing what we’ll need over the next 3 days. We also spent time in worship and prayer. Today, we head out to Kartsali, Sindhupalchok – pretty near the epicenter of the 2nd quake that happened 2 days ago. It’s going to be a 5-hour journey.

 We’ll try to check in and give updates through the HOGC twitter (@hogc) if we can.”

14 MAY, THU 5:00AM (GMT+5:45): All prayed up and ready to go. It’s going to be a hectic day. We don’t quite know what we’ll see.

14 MAY, THU 6:00AM (GMT+5:45): The team is preparing to head to Kartsali, Sindhupalchok to do medical clinics.

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14 MAY, THU 9:30AM (GMT+5:45): En route to mobile clinic. Some locals resort to living in tents in fear of another quake. #Nepal

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14 MAY, THU 11:30AM (GMT +5:45): The team reached the site where they will be holding a mobile clinic.

14 MAY, THU 9:00PM (GMT+5:45): Team updates that it has been a full day of medical missions. They are staying out on field until Saturday.

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14 MAY, THU 9:30PM (GMT+5:45): The team reports they have been tending to those injured when buildings collapsed.

“Today, our doctors have been tirelessly treating patients who come to the mobile clinic.
Injuries to the hands and legs are common due to falling debris and structures collapsing. In one situation, Dr. Leonard had to find a way to surgically cut open a local’s injured leg which was badly infected. Doing this given their current circumstances and supplies is not easy.

In another instance, Dr. Jia Yan had to put a patient on drip due to extreme dehydration.

We are expecting even more people tomorrow.” 

14 MAY, THU 10:00PM (GMT+5:45): Team just experienced an aftershock. Last night a shock of estimated magnitude 5-6 was also felt.  

14 MAY, THU 11:00PM (GMT+5:45): Over 160 people estimated to have come to the mobile clinic today. Tomorrow, set-up starts at 8AM.

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“First day at the village in Sindhupalchok has been extremely busy. Over 160 people are estimated to have visited the mobile clinic where our team is based. Many people are injured from debris falling or buildings collapsing. Many are also bloated or suffering from dehydration. While our doctors have been tending to the ill, the rest of the team have been helping at the dispensary and with traffic control.

Although the clinic is located on higher ground, which is the safest place in the city, the situation is still unstable. Aftershocks are still felt, some estimated at magnitude 5-6. Just last night, the wall next to where our team was working collapsed. For safety reasons, we had to push down the rest of the wall. Electricity is also down.

We will be staying on field until Saturday afternoon mainly providing medical aid.”

14 MAY, THU 11:30PM (GMT+5:45): Electricity is down, but the team is still preparing for tomorrow’s clinic. Set-up is at 8. Clinic opens at 10.

15 MAY, FRI 7:00AM (GMT+5:45): The team is up and ready for a new day. This is the view from their current base/mobile clinic…

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15 MAY, FRI 7:00AM (GMT+5:45): …There is still much work needed to rehabilitate the area.

15 MAY, FRI 8:00AM (GMT+5:45): “We’re expecting a very busy day. Clinic will open from 10AM to 6PM.”

15 MAY, FRI 10:00AM (GMT+5:45): “The clinic we’re operating out of is located on higher ground. It’s the safest place in the village…”

15 MAY, FRI 10:00AM (GMT+5:45): “…For safety reasons, we had to push the rest of the wall down.”

15 MAY, FRI 1:00PM (GMT+5:45): It’s been busy. The team took turns to eat lunch as more people keep coming.

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15 MAY, FRI 1:30PM (GMT+5:45): Yesterday the team attended to 160 patients. Today in 2 hours, they have attended to 130 patients.

15 MAY, FRI 8:00PM (GMT +5:45): Earlier today, the team had a closer look at the devastation that hit the surrounding village.

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15 MAY, FRI 9:00PM (GMT+5:45): Our doctors continue to be extremely busy. Number of patients increased manyfold…

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16 MAY, SAT 1:00AM (GMT +5:45): After a busy 2 day medical clinic, the team has decided to head back to base camp earlier than planned as they have already managed to treat almost all 300 villagers. Even people from other villages made their way down. The medical team had to perform head stitches, treat gangrene and dehydration. They even encountered 1 case of leprosy.

The village only had 1 Christian family, that of the pastor; but over the last few days, the team were the hands and feet of Jesus, bringing the love and compassion of Christ to the people.

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16 MAY, SAT 8:30AM (GMT+5:45): The team will be going around Kathmandu today. They will also be visiting a church in the area.

16 MAY, SAT 12:00PM (GMT+5:45): Our disaster relief team managed to get some R&R. Having lunch today at “KFC” – Kwality Food Cafe

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16 MAY, SAT 8:45PM (GMT +5:45): Today at NIM Lalitpur Church-we are inspired by the passion of the Nepali people for God amidst crisis.

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“While the earthquake may have caused much devastation, the people of Nepal are showing much resilience of spirit. We were inspired by the passion of the people as they praised and worshipped God.”

16 MAY, SAT 9:00PM (GMT +5:45): 5.7 magnitude aftershock just hit Nepal. Team felt slight tremors. They are safe. Heading back to guesthouse.

17 MAY, SUN 9:00AM (GMT+5:45): The team is on the way to the airport. We can’t wait to have them back! 

Our team is coming home today! They’ve handed over to the next team from Crisis Relief Singapore, who we are working with.

Martin, our Missions Director, on how relief operations work: “The huge organisations such as Red Cross set up in the big cities. They have mobile hospitals, surgical facilities, etc.

Then smaller relief organisations such as CRS, head out deep into the hills and villages. We do not have sophisticated equipment and supplies, but we are more mobile and are able to reach remote areas.

So the villages really depend on teams like ours to receive medical care. In the village we went to, we were the first and only relief and medical team. So they were very very happy we came.”  

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17 MAY, SUN 10:30PM (SGT): #HOGCmissions Team is at the last stop of their journey, a layover in KL, and will be home soon. #Nepal #DisasterRelief

18 MAY, MON 12:29AM (SGT): The team has touched down in Singapore! Welcome Home! #HOGCmissions #DisasterRelief #Nepal

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A Heroes’ Welcome for our own #Heroes – Welcome Home Team!!

That moment when the #HOGCmissions team to Nepal realises what’s happening at the airport! #Heroes

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 Family, friends and loved ones have turned up at the airport to receive our #HOGCmissions team who are returning from doing #DisasterRelief work in Nepal.

Over the last few days, they have inspired us with their courage and selflessness. They are truly our #Heroes!

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