‘The Same Jesus’ by Matt Redman – Filmed Live at Heart of God Church.3 min read

Matt Redman filmed the official live music video for The Same Jesus at Heart of God Church

By Denise T.

If you missed Matt Redman leading worship during our Heart of God Church 20th anniversary celebrations last year, we’ve got good news for you. 

You can experience what it was like in this official live video of Matt Redman leading Heart Of God Church (HOGC) in ‘The Same Jesus’, a song from his latest album titled Let There Be Wonder. Eminent Christian publications, The Christian Post and Christian Today interviewed him about the significance of his new song and HOGC was mentioned too!

Brief editor’s note of excitement: Is this HOGC’s debut in American Christian media?

The Same Jesus (Live at Heart of God Church Singapore) - Matt Redman

Worship Leader, two-time Grammy Award winner and singer-songwriter Matt Redman is no stranger among Christians. As one of the most prolific worship songwriters of this generation, Matt Redman has left an impact on churches and individuals across the globe.

Being a part of Matt Redman’s official live video made our 20th anniversary celebrations extra special. I’ve been listening to Matt Redman’s songs ever since I first stepped into church and decided to follow Jesus several years ago. I didn’t expect him to lead us in his then-unreleased songs – let alone capture a live recording of it to accompany its release! 

To be honest, I was so excited I tried searching for myself in the crowd! Can you spot yourself in the live recording?

And I wasn’t alone! Here’s what a couple of my friends had to say as I shared with them about the live video filmed during our 20th anniversary:

Xin Chen, a university student who came to know God less than a year ago shared: “As a new Christian, I was grateful and felt blessed that the first few times Matt Redman led ‘The Same Jesus’ ever, it would be here in our home, Heart of God Church. I was so impacted by the lyrics. It captures the story and promises of Jesus in song, reminded me how much Jesus loves us and reinforced His never-changing character.”

Zhen Wei, who came to HOGC as a secondary school student, recalls: “The first time Matt Redman came to our church was in 2014. I can still remember how he led all of us in worship with a simple heart – to bring praise, thanks and glory back to God.

6 years later, as a university student, I am so thankful I get to hear Matt Redman live again. It was extra special because it was our 20th anniversary! But what left me inspired was how his convictions have not changed over the years. It was the same Matt Redman with the same heart leading us closer to The Same Jesus.”

Alvin, who grew up listening to ‘10,000 Reasons’ and ‘Heart of Worship’, recounted: “As Matt Redman led worship, the same peace that I experienced all those times in my room as I did my Quiet Time with God, flooded my heart.”

What a way to wrap up our 20th anniversary celebrations, with Matt Redman leading our church into the presence of God! This live video captures the moment perfectly. Heart of God Church has been and always will be, about the Presence of God. To 20 more years and beyond! 


To find out more about Matt Redman’s visit for our 20th anniversary, click here to see an exclusive interview with him by some of our 15 year old youth leaders.

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