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Synopsis: Javier was a troublemaker and a prankster in school but God found him and turned his life around. By the age of 15, he even became the youngest drummer on the worship team! Watch his story and be inspired!


Hey everyone, I’m Javier! This is my drumset in my room. I’m a drummer on the worship team in church. Well, it certainly didn’t happen overnight. So let me share with you more about my journey!

In school, I was a troublemaker who drove all my teachers crazy! There was once where I remember, I saw my friend walking down the corridor. So I hid behind a door, I jumped out and scared him! He was so shocked that he fell to the ground! I was mischievous on the outside. But deep down, I was empty and lost. I also joined the most intense CCA – Band. We even practised up to 4 times a week! Each time after a great performance, I was on top of the world! However, the limelight could not fill the emptiness in my heart.

The weekends were the most boring. I had 24 hours a day, and nothing to do. I would play handphone games for 2 to 3 hours. After that, my battery would die. So I would rush to charge it to 100% again, and I continued playing. I was trapped in a cycle that I wanted to break out of.

Then around this time, I met my senior Zhi Yong. When Easter was coming up, with a card, he invited me for service. His invitation was so sincere, so I agreed. During worship, I felt a peace that I never felt before that filled my heart. So I came back the following week and felt the same. It had to be from God. So I took a leap of faith and became a Christian! 

In church, I also found the best group of friends! We never put each other down. But we propel each other up and draw each other closer to God. To have a boring moment with them – it’s almost impossible! My favourite memory was also jamming to different songs even after the sun set. This year, we will graduate from school together. But one thing that I know that we won’t graduate from are these friendships I have with them! 

As I grew in my walk with God, He also grew me to love and respect others. One day after service, Pastor Lia wanted to get to know a few of us better. I couldn’t resist playing a prank on…. Pastor Lia. So I said, “My name is… Sebastian!” Everyone was shocked! Uh oh! After that, I thought about it and realised that it wasn’t right. So when I bumped into Pastor Lia in the lift, I said, “Actually, my name is Javier. Sorry for lying to you.” She encouraged me and turned the conversation around by saying that she believed in me. I learnt that I don’t have to gain attention by being loud or by playing pranks. But who people truly look up to are those who have great character! 

There was once when my friend shared with me about his struggles. In the past, I wouldn’t have cared. But this time, I had a 2-hour heart to heart talk with him. Yes, guys do it too! I’m glad to say that I have a bigger heart for others now.

And oh! I’ve got to show you this! To many, this may just be a ticket, but to me this is a ticket of belief! It all started when Pastor How preached about how God could move through one person. That day, I heard God’s voice so clearly. He said, “Be a drummer on the worship team.” I thought, me? A drummer on the worship  team? Maybe when I’m a little older. But church really, really believes in young people like me. The trainers in our School of Music taught me how to play the drums from scratch – from holding the drumsticks to music theory. Fast forward a few months, at 15, I debuted on the youth worship team! As I played, my heart was so full to see thousands of people worshipping God. Even in this circuit breaker season, church even loaned me this drumset! My instructor even drove to my house to deliver this drumset and taught me how to dampen the drumset so it won’t be too loud! Sorry neighbour… don’t kill me please! Back to this ticket, it is very significant because it was a U2 concert that Pastor How and Pastor Lia brought me along for. 

In church, pastors always believe that even though we may be young, whatever we lack in experience can be made up with exposure. That day, I was right in front in the mosh pit. I was so close to Bono, the lead singer of U2! No, those videos and photos are definitely not from Google. They are from my phone! But most importantly, I learnt so much from the world-class musicians. Today at 16, with the belief of my pastors and leaders, I’m the youngest drummer in church, leading thousands in praising God. I would never trade this life for anything!

Looking back, just a few years ago, I was a prankster without a purpose. But now, my dreams have turned into reality and I have the best spiritual family. And one thing that is the most important is my relationship with God. Friends, it doesn’t matter who you were in the past. With God, you’ll have a new life. Open up your hearts and join me in Heart of God Church today! Your life will never be the same. 

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