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Big Dreams Begin Now: Heart of God Church’s Mini Entrepreneurs4 min read

By: S. Min

This excerpt from our Senior Pastor, Pastor Tan Seow How’s article, Motivations and Manner of Business captures the heart of our church towards entrepreneurship best:

As a church, we want to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the young people. We have seen how this bolsters creativity, teaches them to save and budget (a miracle in itself!) and develops business skills they can use in the future. Here are some of their stories!


Don’t we all love fragrant, crisp and fresh cookies? That’s a huge “yes!” from the youth! At the age of 15, Xin Hui has been successfully selling cookies and running her business! Her little cookie business has gathered much love and support from many and is only a small fraction of the budding entrepreneurial spirit in Heart of God Church.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: When Alton, one of our homegrown entrepreneurs and owner of a video production company, heard of Xin Hui’s story during the launch of The Pastor & Businessman Series he saw it as an opportunity to help her budding business. 

“I placed an order and tried to pay her twice the amount. But she simply wouldn’t accept it,” he mentioned. “I wanted to support her just as how my pastors and leaders supported me when I first started out. So, I found another way to support her – shooting professional photos she could use for the business!” 

Alton and other HOGC entrepreneurs share their convictions to use their businesses to support the people around them in Stories of Entrepreneurship


Xin Hui’s not the only budding entrepreneur dipping her toes into the world of business. We also have a pair of innovative siblings, Suzanne and Giselle, who wanted to increase their income to bless those around them. Their idea sparked off a well-loved business selling lunch boxes at an affordable price! Though be warned, the food’s home-made with no food hygiene grading certificates (so eat at your own risk!!). Thumbs up to their supportive, brave friends with stomachs of steel who are their regular customers and food tasters. 

There have also been up and rising creative ideas turning into successful businesses! Hui Xin’s frames are perfect gifts, and Glennis’ balloons are great for a lovely surprise!

(from left to right) Suzanne & Giselle’s lunch box, Hui Xin’s frames, and Glennis’ balloons.

The pastors and leaders in church want to make youths successful. More than a means to earn money, young people can be empowered with an entrepreneurial spirit and begin to gain experience from a young age.

Motivations and Manner of Business, an article from The Pastor & Businessman Series on pastorhow.com, offers 3 practical principles for Christians in business to remember. Especially Heart of God Church members! Adapted from Pastor How’s message in a weekend service, the third principle is very telling of our church’s heart for young people: 


For everything said so far, there is only one exception—it does not apply to youths taking their first steps as mini-entrepreneurs. 

As a church, we want to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the young people. We have seen how this bolsters creativity, teaches them to save and budget (a miracle in itself!) and develops business skills they can use in the future. 

So if you are a youth making your foray into entrepreneurial endeavours, please continue to sell your cookies, cupcakes, cards, notebooks, slime (yes that is a thing) or whatever creative idea you come up with.

To the rest of Heart of God Church, even if what the youths sell is completely unnecessary to you, let’s support them. 

In fact, during our church’s recent Joint Blood Donation Drive where Minister Edwin Tong graced as the guest of honour, a customised notebook business set up by 15-year-olds were given the opportunity to set up a pop-up storefront! 

There are many more young entrepreneurs in church. Jared and Leroy with all-time favourite ice-pops, Xin Yi with his extraordinary muah chee, Germaine with chocolate rice krispies and Yovanna’s pretty cards — youths are not just leaders but also entrepreneurs of today!

From ice-pops to rice krispies and muah chee and handmade cards, our youths got creative!

The youths are not just creative, but bold and audacious in their ideas! They don’t have to wait until they’re working to discover their edge in entrepreneurship. Don’t we all love young people?


For more stories of our Heart of God Church homegrown entrepreneurs, check out Stories of Entrepreneurship

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