Learning What It Takes To Be a Leader

They don't teach this in tuition

How I Up-Graded Myself in Church | HOGC Academic Excellence & Holistic Development Programme

Here are three stories of how our youths have had their lives changed through the AE programme.

馃Ч What our Building Maintenance & Facilities Management volunteers do in church 馃Ч

Heart of God Church is SG Clean certified! The National Environment Agency awards the SG Clean certification to organisations...

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18-year-old pitches his way to $50,000 in funding for

The playbook,, contains strategies, best practices and a step-by-step guide on running interfaith events to build religious harmony.

40 Resumes Later, I Finally Landed A Job With What I Had Learnt In Church

Darryl sent out 40 resumes after his graduation. In the end, he clinched a job using what he had...

We鈥檙e On Course! What it was like attending a Creative Masterclass!

It鈥檚 only been 6 months being on the staff team but I鈥檓 so thankful for Pastors and the church...

Disabled but Determined, With a Dream for Translation

Riady was born with cerebral palsy and his vocal cords were also damaged at birth. He overcame the odds...

The Creative Young People Among Us

Among Us IRL, made by youths for youths! This life-sized production of the popular online game was brought to...

15 Years Old And Playing the Drums To Thousands

Javier was a troublemaker and a prankster in school but God found him and turned his life around. By...