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A Youth’s First Project: The Story Behind the RVVL Bottle.1 min read

By: Randall G.

Alicia is only 15, but she designed the RVVL Bottle that our Heart of God Church youths received at Youth Camp 2019.

This is the story behind the creation of the bottle and also a story about making young people successful.

IMAGE 2019-07-23 2:31:53 PM

Alicia Aw is 15 and just joined the Merchandise Ministry. She had no background in design. When tasked with this project, her leaders sent her for Adobe Photoshop training with our more experienced designers. This training is for young people to acquire skills before embarking on a project.

After her training, Alicia took the initiative and found out the kind of bottles her friends would want. With the opinions gathered, she was ready to give her best for her first design in the ministry.

However, there was only one obstacle: Alicia did not own a laptop.

Once the ministry leaders found out, they paired her up with older crew, Xin Yi. Over four weeks, the duo worked together to bring Alicia’s designs to life. While Alicia sketched on phone apps, Xin Yi translated the young crew’s designs onto the computer software to get it production-ready.⁠

IMAGE 2019-07-23 2:32:16 PM

The final product? Not just a cool water bottle, but a young person’s dream realised.⁠⠀

“I managed to pass these bottles personally to many of the youths. The look on their faces cannot leave my mind. They were all so WOW-ed by it. I struggled a lot in Design training, but the trainers helped guide and encourage me. I loved working with them; they leave me feeling so believed in. Even though the trainers are more experienced, they chose to help make me successful for this project.”

– Alicia, 15-year-old designer of the RVVL water bottle

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