By: Shan Shan T.

“I commit to love and pray for my children continually.”
“I commit to be an example of godly Christian character for my children.”
“I commit to serving the Lord and building His Church together with my children and their future generations.”

Baby and Child Dedication HOGC Families
Held over two days, HOGC’s Baby & Child Dedication saw hundreds of parents commit to teaching their children the Word of God diligently.

There must have been hundreds of prayers bursting forth from the hearts of the parents seated in front of me as they committed to raising their children in God’s ways. As an expectant mum, this sight showed me what could be.

I watched as parents and children dressed in their best outfits streamed toward the front of the auditorium. After all, they were the VIPs of our Baby & Child Dedication Weekend, where we committed 156 babies and children to God!

At the heart of it

Baby and Child Dedication HOGC Bible teaching
Drawing from a passage in the Bible, Pastor Garrett shared about the purpose and heart behind Baby & Child Dedication

Before the dedication started, Pastor Garrett gave a short teaching from Deuteronomy, emphasising that it is the responsibility of parents to instruct and guide their children in the ways of God. As their parents, they’ve also been empowered and entrusted to release them into all that they have been called to do.

And that was what the parents set out to do that night as they committed to loving and praying for their children continually. Amidst the excitement, the colourful gifts spread throughout the auditorium, and the smiling faces of all in attendance, the significance of the day shone brightest in the eyes of the mothers and fathers. 

As parents laid hands on their children to pray, they pledged to raise their children with godly values. Our pastors and leaders also went around the auditorium to pray over every child. With hopes and dreams lifted up to God, the joy and anticipation was felt by all, leaving no dry eyes by the end of the prayers.

Our pastors and senior leaders prayed for each child individually

Seeing beyond

Excitement filled the air as the parents’ friends waited nearby, armed with adorable balloons, custom-made gifts, and most meaningfully of all, words of hope and faith into the lives of the children!

Even those who have yet to have kids felt the impact of the moment. Among them was Wen Kai, a newly-married man who came to support his friends as they dedicated their baby to God.

“This weekend planted a vision in my mind of how my future family can be like and gave us a direction of how we can build our family one day!” he shared.

Beyond the touching moments, the Baby and Child Dedication weekend also gave many of us a picture of the strength of future generations. 

HOGC Baby and Child Dedication Young Families

As a first-time mother, the weekend burned one image into my heart: the child I am expecting growing up among friends and leaders, loving and serving God passionately alongside everyone. 

Catch a glimpse of HOGC’s Baby & Child Dedication here:

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