“From my generation onwards, things will be different.”

Dream Maker was an initiative started in the early days of our church. Back then, our Pastors noticed that there were several children in our church from broken families. These children never knew what it meant to have a complete family, much less a proper meal at home.

Hence, our Pastors prepared a special Christmas dinner for these children, with nicely set tables, a stuffed turkey and Christmas presents for every child. It was our hope that when these children grow up, they would look back at Dream Maker and have a better reference point of what it means to have a good family environment.

The Dream Maker Programme has been running for over 15 years and has now expanded from one house to 16, with 32 young lives being touched. This year was especially significant as many of our senior leaders who grew up in church hosted the Dream Maker Programme for the first time, as they are now married and have their own homes.

Even as Dream Maker has expanded, the heart behind it has not been lost. Many of our adults went the extra mile to make the dinner an unforgettable experience for the children:

*The names of the children have been changed to protect their privacy

Even though they are busy with work and have a toddler of their own, Derek and Breana put in great care to prepare the night for Elise* and Aaron*, who both come from broken families.

Derek and Breana planned the dinner down to the minutest detail. The kids were welcomed with party poppers at every seat and a personalised dinner menu; Elise was served her favourite drink—Coke, and Aaron, Sprite.  Derek and Breana came up with interesting meal ideas to suit the kids such as “make-your-own-burger” and explained to the kids how to fully appreciate the Western meal. For Aaron, this was the very first Christmas dinner in his life.

Dreammaker (2)

Yet the night did not end there. With the help of our children’s church teachers, Derek and Breana were able to find out what Elise and Aaron wished for for Christmas. When they presented Elise with a My Little Pony toy set, Elise leapt in excitement, ran around the house clutching her gift and exclaimed how much she loved it. Aaron’s jaw dropped in disbelief when he saw his present—a brand new guitar. Aaron had quietly been saving up for a guitar and this was observed by his children’s church teacher, Sheen An, but Aaron never expected that he would receive such a generous gift.

As Aaron received his gift, Derek and Breana shared that they gave him a guitar because they believed in his dream that he would serve on the worship team one day. They wanted to give him a guitar “because we remember what it was like to really want something, for a purpose. So we want him to know that the people in church believe in his dreams.”

“We want him to know that the people in church believe in his dreams.”

— Derek & Breana


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