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From a Day I Dreaded, I Now Look Forward to Father’s Day Every Year1 min read

By: L.

When I was 9 years old, my parents filed for a divorce. My dad chose to fight for custody of my brother and not me.

7 year ago, on my first Father’s Day in church, I received a gift and letter from Pastor How. In the letter, he wrote “You have fought your battles in life. Now you are stronger. You can conquer your future.” I never saw myself as being strong, I thought I wasn’t good enough. As I read these words, faith entered my heart.
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From a day I dreaded, I now look forward to Father’s Day every year. I also found the courage to do the hardest thing – forgive my dad.

God redeemed my life and I see a purpose for all I’ve gone through. Now, I guide other youths from broken families and share with them about the love of God. I never imagined that my life would turn around. Now, I can boldly say that I am excited for my future.

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It’s stories like these that keep us going. Let’s keep bringing the love of God to the people around us!
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