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Looking Back: Heart Of God Church Partnered With John and Lisa Bevere To Run The Messenger International Conference In Chiang Mai3 min read

By: Sabrina C.

Lisa Bevere and John Bevere at the Messenger International conference in Thailand, with Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How) and Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia).

I was in a Messenger International conference in Thailand 2 years ago, in January 2018, listening to international speaker and best-selling author, Lisa Bevere. It totally changed my perspective of how God is able to use both men and women to make an impact in this world.

Lisa Bevere, together with John Bevere, founded Messenger International in 1990 and authored books that have inspired millions around the world to live in the fullness of God’s plan for them! 

Some of her books include, Lioness Arising and The New York Times’ bestseller, Without Rival. Over the years, Lisa and John Bevere have published close to 40 books and numerous award-winning curriculums. In fact, they have given more than 30 million translated resources to pastors and leaders in over 100 developing nations to equip them in their ministries!

This conference was unique to me because it was the first time Heart of God Church (HOGC) partnered with Messenger International. As part of the HOGC worship team, we were given the tremendous privilege to not only support Lisa & John Bevere, but also our Senior Pastors, Pastor Tan Seow How and Pastor Cecilia Chan as they preached alongside the Beveres.

When Lisa Bevere challenged the women of God to rise up to take their place in the nations, there was such faith in the atmosphere. Right there, I was simply so grateful to belong to HOGC where women like myself are given equal opportunities as our male counterparts to lead worship!

Pastor How preaching at the Messenger International Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Pastor Lia preaching at the Messenger International Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand about leading GenerationS of youths

Because of that, I had the privilege to witness both Pastor How and Pastor Lia preaching in this conference and sharing their wisdom of leading generations of youths to hundreds of pastors and leaders! It was heartwarming to see the people responding to the challenge to raise up generations of young people all over Thailand and Southeast Asia! 

(Click here to see the summary of the impact we’ve made in this conference – Day 3 Vlog)

All in all, we are so blessed to partner with Lisa and John Bevere in this conference. We can’t wait to do it again! 

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