By: Chris C.

Who says we can’t bond during Circuit Breaker?

I’ve been coming to Heart of God Church (HOGC) for 4 years and have the luxury of calling numerous on-fire Christians my friends. Most of us in our 30s have varying priorities and responsibilities to tend to, but there is an inherent relentlessness in our Connect Groups to continually build a strong core foundation within Heart of God Church, and to passionately share the love of God with others. The emergence of COVID-19 hasn’t dampened our drive.

Prayer is crucial during trying times. Among my CG, we started committing to 8.30am prayer meetings. We prayed for our pastors, the well-being of our church members, the health and safety of our frontline healthcare professionals, the friends on our hearts, and a multitude of other topics. These prayer meetings energised us and were the perfect way to start the day right!  

Saturdays were meaningful fun-filled days for our CG, a day packed with our beloved services and joyous hangouts at the end. In this season, we made a conscious effort to maintain that atmosphere through #HOGCBuzz.  

After watching the weekly online sermon collectively, we would arrange an array of social activities. Previously, movies, while fun, lacked the interactive nature of gatherings. Well, now, thanks to Zoom, groups of us can watch movies and interact with each other via Zoom’s chat function. What an improvement compared to the absolute silence demanded by cinemas!

Another wildly interactive activity is online karaoke, where we all get together to compete on who’s got pipes to be proud of. This is such a fantastic way for the group to bond, and adds much needed noise and commotion to the dullness of stay-at-home. Furthermore, we get to learn so much about each other through showcasing our song choices and our personal renditions of popular tunes. In addition, it makes for a warm and cordial setting for fresh faces to understand the makeup of HOGC goers. As Pastor Cecilia Chan (Pastor Lia) preached in her sermon ‘A House Is Not A Home’, HOGC represents our spiritual home and we are a warm family here.

Even in this season as we #StayHome, we can still enjoy each other’s company and have copious amounts of joy. Join in for #HOGCBuzz to experience it for yourself!

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