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Stream of Praise Returns To Heart of God Church3 min read


Worshipping God in Mandarin just hits different.

By: Kayla T.

Stream of Praise, a renowned worship ministry in the Mandarin-speaking world, returned to Singapore and to our church in 2022 with a power-packed lineup of praise and worship songs. The setlist included new songs as well as classics like ‘Let Me Stay 能不能’ and ‘Glorious Calling 榮耀的呼召’.

能不能 + 榮耀的呼召 (Live)| 讚美之泉 Stream of Praise at Heart of God Church Singapore

As the praise songs began, people were clapping, jumping and dancing with energetic joy from the front to the back (even in the overflow). Many shared that they felt moved while singing the worship songs.


Peiyun, a church member whose first language is Mandarin, said:

“I felt so close to God when I was worshipping. The songs, especially ‘能不能’ brought me much peace. This song has always been a MUST-go-to in my Spotify to dwell in His goodness and remain still in His presence.”

Peiyun would also play the song for her Mandarin-speaking parents to listen to at home, in hope that they would experience God’s peace through the music. One can only imagine how surreal it must be to worship to this song LIVE with Stream of Praise themselves.

Yu Tian, who is serving in a Mandarin language ministry, believes what Stream of Praise is doing is sending a strong message of how our God loves and cares for all of us, no matter our language or nationality.

Lyrics in both Mandarin and its English translation appeared onscreen. 

And Eugene, who is mostly English-speaking, shared that “the English translation really helped” and “some of the more complex Mandarin words had Hanyu Pinyin, which was very good and helped with the sing-along.”

“While I might not be able to follow the lyrics 100%, I still felt that I could worship Him together with everyone.” 

He added, “I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I really love the songs and lyrics from Stream of Praise!”

Many left this service feeling so ministered – hearts full. It was truly a beautiful and precious time of praise and worship. Thank you Stream of Praise for leading our church in worship!

Wish you were there that weekend? Catch the worship experience below.

讚美之泉《巡迴LIVE WORSHIP》EP1 @新加坡神之心教會 Heart of God Church 【在祢沒有難成的事/我們高舉耶穌的名/耶穌永遠掌權/我們的神/我的生命獻給祢/能不能】
讚美之泉《巡迴LIVE WORSHIP》EP2 @新加坡神之心教會 Heart of God Church 【能不能/榮耀的呼召/我們的神/榮耀榮耀榮耀/在祢沒有難成的事】

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