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Strong Church Conference Hong Kong: My First Time On a Plane1 min read

By: T. Jia Xin

Strong Church Hong Kong is going to be my first-ever mission trip. It’s also going to be my first time on a plane!

When I joined the Photography ministry at 14, I learnt that as photographers we are storytellers capturing moments in our Heart of God Church history. I saw how photos of mission trips and overseas conferences captured the impact God is making through us. They also brought the stories to life for all of us back home. I was captivated. I started to dream that one day I could do the same.

IMG_0534Jia Xin and her friends in Photography Ministry

As I turn 18, this dream is finally coming to pass.

When I first got the news that I had the chance to join the team in Hong Kong,  to be honest, I was actually quite worried about my finances. However, when I brought this up to my leaders, their reply shocked me.

They told me that my pastors didn’t want us to be worried about our finances, so the church would be subsidising my trip expenses! I was really so touched hearing it  ? It was a weight lifted off my shoulders and because of this, I can really say that I AM GOING TO STRONG CHURCH CONFERENCE HONG KONG!!

JDL_0858 - Jia XinJia Xin in action!

I really cannot begin to express how happy and privileged I feel being able to be a part of this trip. I going to get to see the impact we’re going to make with my own eyes ?

To my church and pastors: thank you for giving an 18-year-old such a great opportunity to serve God! Thank you for believing and being so willing to invest in young people like me!! I am really so grateful!! ??