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3 tips to help you ACE your school semester2 min read

Are you dreading the upcoming school semester? Do you know you can make school life work for you? Here are 3 tips to help you ACE your upcoming term!

Activate Curiosity

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Remember when you were a kid and you would bombard your parents with incessant questions? Why is the sky blue? How can aeroplanes fly? These questions flooded our curious little brains because we simply loved to learn!

When Jesus was a young boy, He was found sitting with His teachers and asking them questions too. So, the next time your teacher starts on a new topic, try asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ instead of just ‘what’s the answer?’. You will find yourself discovering new ways to solve that problem sum and learning valuable insights from Singapore’s history. Activate your curiosity, this will make studying so much more enjoyable!


Create a Winning Habit

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Someone once said, “Show me your daily habits and I will show you your future.” Who you are today is a result of the habits that you have been acquiring since childhood. (If you had a habit of packing your room, chances are high that you are a more organised person today.) That is why your academic future depends a lot on your daily rhythms of revision, rest and recreation!

Before you hit the books, start by planning and customising your own timetable. (You can even decorate it if you want to!) Set your study goals and the weekly actions you are going to take to reach them. Factor in your play and rest time too. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Need more inspiration? Check out Jarren’s story on how his habits led him from winning computer games to winning scholarships.


Exercise Consistency

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Once you have decided on your habits and rhythms, keep at it! Practice does not make perfect but practice makes permanent. The same applies if we practise bad habits too!

Have you wondered how some tennis players or soccer teams emerge as world-recognised champions? Well, one big reason these professional athletes stay on top is their consistent hard work and time spent practising behind the scenes.

As Pastor Tan Seow How (Pastor How) says, consistency is what separates the amateur from the professional. So, if you are feeling a little amateur in Math or English class today, fret not! Just keep practising and one day you can become a ‘professional’ at these subjects too!


Conclusion: With these three tips, what are you waiting for? Welcome the new semester with confidence and step out and ACE this semester! Want more? Find out about our Heart of God Church Academic Excellence programme at and read more stories that will change your perspective about studying.

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