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Developing youths academically AND holistically at Heart of God Church2 min read

Till they found God, straight As weren't good enough for these two youths

Beyond A+ grades, students are built to have A* character, confidence and skills.

By: O. Lay Peng

Good grades are definitely important. But the Academic Excellence & Holistic Development (AE) programme in Heart of God Church teaches students to both do good AND do well! As we approach AE weekend in a few days’ time, let’s look back on five stories of our students who benefited in more than just their studies after coming to church.

1. Straight A’s Weren’t Good Enough

In their International Baccalaureate examinations, Joshua and Caleb scored 44/45 and 43/45 respectively. They qualified for most Ivy League universities. However, they were looking for more. Find out how when Joshua came to church, this started to change!

2. 15 Years Old & Full of Purpose!

George used to be a naughty boy who often hurled vulgarities and got into fights with others. His father even had to see the principal for his behaviour so many times that George became “well known” in school. Often feeling bored and restless, see how George found purpose in church!

3. My logical mind said, “Why should I become a Christian?”

Yi Kai had always gone with the flow. He also used to find himself self-absorbed and task-oriented. Even after securing a place in his dream course, he still felt lost and unclear about life. But soon after visiting HOGC, he found a greater purpose for the skills he learnt in school. Check out his full story here!

4. My Insecurities No Longer Have A Hold On Me!

Wen Jun used to base her self-esteem on her performance and achievements. She would practise dance up to 20 hours weekly! She was cautious of how others would judge her whenever she made a mistake. However, she found security in God. Hear her full story here!

5. 15 Years Old & Playing the Drums to Thousands

Javier was a mischievous boy when he first came to church. He played a prank on everyone around him, including our senior pastor! But he kept coming back to church and growing in his character. Javier started to dream big and became a drummer on the worship team – playing to thousands. Watch how it all happened!

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