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Heart Community Services: Closing collections for COVID-19 Relief3 min read

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As Phase 2 of Reopening begins and life gradually returns to normal, Heart Community Services (HCS) will be closing collections for COVID-19 relief by 30 June 2020. Since April this year, HCS has been providing financial assistance to HOGC members and their families struggling financially during the COVID-19 period. From April to June 2020, HCS disbursed $170,100 to 144 members in need. Heart of God Church, thank you for giving! Your generosity made this possible! 

As we close collections for COVID-19 relief, here are more heartwarming stories on the impact that you have made to the lives of the beneficiaries! More than just receiving, some are now giving back. Read on for more!

Stories of Beneficiaries

There is a 14-year-old from a single parent family who struggled to get by when her mother’s income was badly affected during the COVID-19 period.

One university student’s family lost their main source of income and they were barely making ends meet. 

Another university student’s family had to rely on their savings to pay for everything from groceries to tuition fees.

More than just receiving, there were beneficiaries with a heart to give back!  

There is a university student whose family’s income was severely affected during the COVID-19 period. They had to save on electricity and basic necessities to pay the bills.

Another university student from a single parent family struggled financially, which was exacerbated by the COVID-19 situation. Daily expenses and school fees became a crushing burden. 

These stories are just snapshots of the many lives impacted. Heart of God Church, thank you for your generosity! It has made a world of difference to these young people and their families.

To learn more about HCS, visit our website.   

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