By: Ena & Rena S.

Because of the financial support from the church, we could live our lives like any other teenager.

Rena (left) and her sister, Ena (right)

Ena: Growing up, we often didn’t have enough money to buy food for the week. When I was 16, my sister and I started receiving a monthly allowance from church. We didn’t have to worry about our finances and could focus on our studies.

Also, I was using a very old phone while Rena didn’t even have one. To our surprise, we received pre-loved smartphones so we could text on WhatsApp and post photos on Instagram—just like any of our friends.

Artboard 2
The pre-loved smartphones Ena and Rena received from the church enabled them to text on WhatsApp and post photos on Instagram—just like any of their friends

Rena: It was more than just the financial support from the church. Pastor How and Pastor Lia know us and our story. When they saw us, they would pass each of us $50 out of their wallets. This happened on many occasions… Pastors just wanted to bless us!

We were so touched. It was more than the amount; it was the fact that they would take time out to encourage, affirm and speak into our lives.

Rena serves in the dance ministry
Ena serves as a leader in the media department

Our lives have changed so much because of God and church!

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