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I Was Saving Up For a Mission Trip. Then I Found Out…1 min read

By: Louis L.

This year, I had the chance to go on a mission trip to Strong Church Conference Hong Kong! I was already saving up for it but my leaders told me that church wanted to bless me and subsidise part of the cost. I couldn’t believe it!

Louis welcoming pastors and leaders to Strong Church Conference Hong Kong

Growing up, my family relationships were broken. I constantly lived in fear of not having enough financially. But when I was 17, church gave me and my sister a monthly allowance from a fund that helps the less-privileged.

Louis sharing his story in a weekend service, testifying of the goodness of God

Now, I’m in my second year of university in Singapore Management University (SMU). I’m a guitarist on the children’s church worship team and I serve in the host ministry. I also had the opportunity to serve in a conference our church ran in Hong Kong. There, I put the training I received from host ministry to good use!

Louis serving on the Host Ministry, welcoming members and guests to Heart of God Church

I had never imagined that I could find purpose in my broken life. But here, in church, I did!

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